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Apr 13, 2013 01:01 PM

Omakase that won't break the bank?

So here's the deal - I live above a very good sushi spot (Yasaka on the UWS) that's really affordable ($24 for six-piece omakase with cut roll, $45 for 12-piece).

Looking for a downtown spot that offers good omakase at a similar price point. Would love any suggestions. Arigato!

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  1. For weekday lunch, I believe that Sushi Yasuda still has a prix fixe. Approximately $25 for 5 pieces of nigiri and 2 rolls.

    For dinner, Kanoyama. $37 for their "sushi omakase" set which includes 8 pieces of nigiri, 1 maki roll, and miso soup or salad. It's not a real omakase. It's a "set meal" which is what you are looking for. Also it's very large meal, though, being only 8 pieces of nigiri, so you'll probably need to order more food.

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    1. re: kathryn

      Kanoyama looks like a winner, thanks!

      1. re: JeffOverley

        I'll second Kanoyama. As Kathryn notes, it's not the full-on "omakase" experience at that price point but I don't think anywhere in the city would give the true chef's choice omakase for that price. In terms of a high-quality set meal that showcases the day's special, the "sushi omakase" at Kanoyama is a winner - as is the sashimi omakase which I'd never ordered before my most recent visit, despite eating there all the time. Happy to report that the sashimi omakase is every bit as good: plenty of food, interesting presentation and good variety (for ~$40).

        FWIW, the "super omakase" at Kanoyama - which is more of the true sit at the bar and eat whatever the chef prepares - is great, too. Make a reservation and sit at the bar back in the back room and have a great meal... we went about a year ago and it was one of our favorite meals of the year (in a year that included Per Se and two less-than-satisfactory meals at EMP).

        1. re: arturusthorne

          Kanoyama is your best bet, but it isn't as good as Yasaka. We just went to Kanoyama last week.

          They have a "super omakase" - that is a real omakase and that's $100+

      2. re: kathryn

        I've had Yasuda's lunch special quite often, and while it's a good bargain, not sure I would consider it an omakase experience. And because it gets crowded the whole experience can feel quite rushed.

        1. re: ipsedixit

          Yeah, the OP's description above leads me to believe he just really wants a sushi set meal, not a true piece by piece "omakase."