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Madrid - Lunch and Dinner Seafood recommendations

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Looking for some value to moderate cost seafood restaurants, one for a B-Day celebration but nothing to break the bank.

Planning on a more than one seafood meal so looking for as many CHOW recommendations as you have.

Also, how would Laredo be for B-Day lunch or dinner, or would it better for Tapas? In general are lunches much more inexpensive than dinners in Madrid?

thanks to all!

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  1. My recommendations are:

    La Chalana on Calle San Leonardo 12 (close to Plaza de España). This Asturian restaurant is a good option to have seafood without breaking the bank.

    La Caleta on Calle Tres Peces 21 (metro Antón Martín) is a casual restaurant serving good fried fish Andalusian style.

    Dantxari on Calle Ventura Rodríguez 8 (near Plaza de España) is a Basque restaurant specialized in bacalao (cod).

    1. JuanDoe-
      Thank you for the recommendations, are there any special "not to miss" dishes at either La Chalana or Dantxari?

      They both sound great and we'll try both!

      1. In La Chalana don't miss the "parrillada de mariscos" (grilled shellfish) washed down with sidra (cider on tap).
        I love Dantxari, my favorite dishes are "chipirones encebollados" (baby squid cooked with onion), bacalao al pil-pil !! (salt cod cooked with garlic and olive oil) and merluza rellena de centollo (hake stuffed with crab). Don't miss the desserts: apple tartle or "leche frita".

        1. Again, Thank you Juan Doe- We are going to go to Dantxari! I'm interested in your opinion on Marisqueris Ribero de Mino, looks informal but gets good reviews not sure about the quality of the seafood??

            1. La Bola on Calle de la Bola. Great cocida and one of my favorite tripes anywhere. After the tripe l went into the kitchen and hugged the chef.

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                I've always avoided La Bola cause of its reputation among Rick-Steves-guidbook toting diners. I guess that proves that even the most touristed locales can offer great local fare.

                What do others think of La Bola.....and if not there, where for cocido? Casa Lucio is another that gets mentioned often, but I am sure there are many far less
                "discovered" addresses.