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Apr 13, 2013 11:54 AM

Restaruant at Gideon Ridge Inn, Blowing Rock NC

I'll be staying at Gideon Ridge Inn in Blowing Rock NC next weekend. Does anyone know anything about their restaurant ("Restaurant G" I believe)? I'm considering it for dinner Saturday night. I'd also be interested in recommendations for lunch in the area (also for Saturday). I like all kinds of good food. The person I'll be with doesn't prefer seafood. Thanks for any advice you can offer!


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  1. I would go to Rowlands at Westglow over the restaurant at GR. I have been only twice and while not bad, nothing exceptional...but the view is great. It has been quite some time since I visited but the last time I went it was a set menu with all guests seated at once. Lunch at Bistro Roca or Storie Street Grill are fine. You will not be in a dining mecca but should be able to find some decent meals.

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      Thanks, winefuhrer! Those look like very appealing recommendations. I didn't know about Bistro Roca; their menu posted on line looks quite good! Depending on whether we're feeling like a small drive, I'm also considering the Gamekeeper in Boone. Thoughts about that one?



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        Gamekeeper is actually on Shulls Mill Road closer to Blowing Rock than to Boone. It has been awhile since my last visit but I have heard some positive things. If you are up to driving to Boone, I would say Joy Bistro and Vidalia are the best bets.