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Apr 13, 2013 11:44 AM

What do you put in your chicken soup?

We all know how to make chicken soup. So that's not really what I'm asking about.

Rather, I'd like to know what you do, or put into your chicken soup to be precise, to make it your own.

We can all pretty much assume that we all start with some sort of stock (or broth) - be it consommé or (gulp!) bouillon or whatever. But then the possibilities are endless from there, right?

Do you add chicken meat?

What about noodles? Or dumplings? Or gnocchi? Or matzo balls?

Some other starch maybe? Potatoes?

Do you add vegetables? Peas and carrots? Corn?

Do you add a sour component like some of the Eastern Europeans appear to do?

In contributing to the Wiki page on chicken soup, it sort of piqued my curiosity as to what 'Hounds think. So, please, do tell.

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  1. most recently, wakame seaweed, sambal sauce and eggs.

    1. I'm a bit of a traditionalist when it comes to chicken soup. I also almost never make it unless one of us is sick :-)

      Then I have it and wonder why I don't make it more often.

      I generally cheat by using chicken broth instead of water, and usually just add chicken thighs (skin removed, b/c I don't cope too well with chicken fat, sadly). The only veggies "allowed" are nice fat carrots, leeks, and celeriac -- the latter mostly for flavoring, as I discard the mushy stuff before eating. When the thighs are fall-off the bone done, I take them out, remove the bones and put the meat back in. I always try to skim off a lot of the surface fat.

      Serve over broad egg noodles & with a good helping of chopped parsley.

      1. Usually a little lemon and fresh ginger root for brightness and some kind if hot pepper or red pepper flakes for some heat.

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          I do this for people who are sick. The ginger is nice for tummies and noses.

        2. Ipse, I like adding tofu knots to my soup if I want it to be a very satisfying meal. Also ... meat filled tortellini, mini egg bow tie pasta, stelline pasta, or acini di pepe all pair well with chicken soup.

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            Tofu knots ? what are they ? can't picture little knots? of tofu?

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              + 2 on the info please...I'm intriqued...

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                We usually stir-fry them.

          2. matzo balls made with minced parsley and dill(in the matzo batter before it gets firm)also parsley/dill,carrots and celery in the soup,chunks of chicken depending on how much leftover meat I have.I always make the soup the day after I make a roast chicken.