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Does Lidia Bastianich Have A Tic?

I thought Rachael Ray's throwing the salt over her shoulder all the time was annoying but I am afraid Lidia is now Queen of Annoying Habits. I love her cooking have most of her cookbooks but I just can't stand to watch her that often. The whole mmm mmm mmm thing she does. Does she have a tic?
I don't know which is worse, her slurping when she tastes something and then tries to talk with food in her mouth or her mmm mmm mmm. Whenever any of the cooking show hosts make noise when they are tasting something it makes me wonder if the food is good or are they trying to convince the audience that it is. At least my favorite, Julia Child never made noise when she tasted food.

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  1. up to the end of her tv career "our dear julia" had that silly background music throughout her show to transition instruction segments and an adorable slight lisp when speaking.

    At 11:56 on this video Julia takes a bit of the jelly roll and says mmm...and then proceeds to talk with food in her mouth. Julia was as human as the rest of us, yes?

    pedestals are for cakes, not people.

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      she was also probably in her 90's and the lisp was do to false teeth. she would never have talked with her mouth full

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        Even as a young woman Julia had a lisp. No big deal really just a fact. And yes, she was known to talk with her mouth full. She loved to eat with energy! Also no big deal.

        Why is that so difficult to accept that tv cooks are just like anyone else? Julia Child was approachable. She brought a earthiness to home cooking. I loved that about her approach in the kitchen.

        Expecting tv chefs to have some impossible impeccable manners is just silly.

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          from childhood, I was taught to eat with my mouth closed and not talking. I would think that would be taken a step further for someone on national television.

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            Have all the expectations you want, robt. Imperfection works for me.

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              Same here. Imperfection is more interesting. And I don't understand the fuss about "mmm mmm mmm"...why do some find it so irritating??? Also, a little 'slurp' actually enhances the tasting process.

              A least she doesn't say "you know" after every other sentence. Now THAT's an irritating habit. LOL.

              1. re: The Professor

                Let's toast to the irritating habit! :o)

    2. I have never seen a Bastianich recipe that I would care to eat. Almost everything is drowned in olive oil. You'll notice that her mmm ejaculations more often occur when she is adding ingredients, stirring, etc., than when she actually samples the food. I have often been tempted to post something similar to what you've written, but if I were to express the full extent of my loathing, it would get deleted.
      I am disappointed that television executives don't require better manners on the part of their presenters.

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      1. You folks are, of course, entitled to your opinions. I don't agree at all, but that's just me I guess. Lidia cooks in a traditional Italian style. I've enjoyed several of her recipes. Add less oil if you prefer, and I'm not especially fond of rather impolite (IMHO) personal remarks either.

        1. I agree with both of your problems regarding LB. The mmm mmm mmm, and the talking with her mouth full of food drive me crazy. If you notice, her mother doesn't do either of these obnoxious sound effects.

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            Her mother is not the focus of the show. If you don't like it, don't watch! She speaks clearly and explains her recipes and methods well.

            Some people have too much time on their hands...

          2. http://www.splendidtable.org/story/li...
            Splendid Table interview with Lidia, for their Key3 series

            1. I can't watch her long enough to find out.

              1. I just watched the 2013 'Lipsmacking' episode with this thread in mind. I heard mmm 3 times, once while eating mozzarella sticks, and twice prior to taking a bite of the saltimboca. None while eating the zeppole. How disappointing! No slurping! Not even a tic!

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                  Now that's just a little to close an observation for my tv viewing dollar, paulj!

                2. On a side note: I loves me some Jacques Pepin (will watch repeat episodes 2+ times a day, if I'm at home). He's charming, entertaining, talented and overall nice guy. But he does seem to have some type of over-active salivary glands and seems to need to suck back his saliva every thirty seconds or so, which makes for some interestingly juicy background noise. Fortunately, it happens so frequently that one gets accostumed to it very quickly, like jet liners flying overhead. Other than that, Jacques is the Man! Forgive me, Jacques!

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                  1. re: silence9

                    Oh, God, I wish I hadn't read that. I hate mouth noise. I thought it was just his accent.

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                      Are you sure about that noise? I've watched quite a bit of Jacques, and never noticed anything objectionable.

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                        Oh yes, he does it all the time. To replicate: Bare your teeth. At the same time, press your tongue against the back of your upper incisors and inhale through your mouth. This is something many people do when they are concentrating while doing something requiring a lot of hand-eye coordination. I don't think it's extra saliva.

                      2. Haaaa Haaaa! You want annoying? How about 'the farting chef' Justin Wilson?http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-YRtlW...