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Apr 13, 2013 10:24 AM

best lobster in brooklyn?

i'm downtown, but will travel for great lobster.

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  1. Red Hook Lobster pound. I had my best lobster ever there last year, and I'm from New England. They've recently reopened after Sandy flooding and I am happy thart its still a BYOB, no frills place

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      1. i love Red Hook Lobster pound. it also gets the seal of approval from my New England friends.

      2. Red Hook Lobster can also be found at the Brooklyn Flea and the South St. Fulton mkt. On a walking/ferry tour of NYC today (self guided), my Maine brought up (summers) wife and daughter(also Maine summers) declared it was exquisite.

        They offer it Maine-style (their words) as a lobster salad roll with an interesting scallion/sauce garnish AND as a Connecticut style with butter(my preference), but alas, I didn't have a chance to show the family the 'proper" way since I had a hankering for a McRIB slider/sandwich one of the BBQ places was offering (not to be confused with golden arches). Also excellent