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Apr 13, 2013 07:24 AM

Road trip recs needed! [Canton/Youngstown]

I'll be doing a big swing, starting and ending at CAK. Where's the best place for breakfast before heading to the Pro Football HOF in Canton? Also need a good evening hang (think brewpub) in Youngstown, and a place for breakfast there before I head into PA. TIA!

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  1. One breakfast rec:

    The Blue Door Cafe/Bakery in Cuyahoga Heights - Bakery turned cafe. Highly recommend french toast, crepes as well as the sandwiches. (Monte Cristo? Yes, please). Also great house-made croissants. (


    Downside: About 20 min from CAK in the "wrong" direction. But if you're going to drive up to 76 anyway to go to Youngstown, it's a lot more on the way.

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      One look at the Corned Beef Hash on the menu and I'm thinking I gotta go! Will probably hit it on my return as that route hasn't been determined yet. Thanks!