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Apr 13, 2013 06:32 AM

John Brown's Smokehouse!!!!!!!!!

I saw the top 10 pastrami sammich list and will do my best to explore all of the places on the list. I had only been to Katz's, Pastrami Queen and Sarge's.
Yesterday, on my way home from Manhattan, I stopped in LIC at John Brown's Smokehouse.
I ordered a pastrami sammich on rye. "Sorry, no rye bread!" HUH!! The only options were Texas Toast or a roll. I went for the Texas Toast.
The pastrami was magnificent, juicy and perfectly seasoned.
The rest of the menu was interesting but I do love my pastrami and probably would not order anything else. Maybe I'll go back with a few folks and have a little taste of their sammiches?
Cheerful, pleasant service and a nice atmosphere too!!

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