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Apr 13, 2013 03:48 AM

Japanese Cheese - Where to buy?

I'm part of a sort of cheese club and I'd like to bring some back with me after I visit next month to share with the club. I realize cheese isn't a big part of the culture but I have read about a few new ones that sound interesting. Does anyone have any recommendations on where I can buy them?

Some of the interesting ones I found listed at the website below are:
Mori No Chizu
Houjun Gouda
Yama No

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  1. How about 'Atelier de Fromage'.
    They have shop in Minami Aoyama.

    1. Japanese cheese are infamous, and not as full-bodied as the French ones..
      There is some imported cheese at excess in the department stores, like Isetan Shinjuku, Matsuya Ginza, or Shibuya Tokyu. Isetan Shinjuku and Matsuya Ginza are on the same group, Hisada in Isetan and Cheese Oukoku in Matsuya , the choice on japanese cheese in these 2 is reduced to 2 varieties. I actually tried neither of those ones, but in my opinion, the best choice is to go to the Kinokuniya in Omotesando, there, there is a small counter with a small selection, but they have the famous Etanbetsu Blue cheese from Hokkaido (image : ) and many fresh cheese. Cheese are not so salty, and many are fresh cheese type, like the young 2 weeks mature cheese Cocon cheese(Atelier du Fromage), to better taste it you will to take a big piece to eat with a cereal baguette Andersen Omotesando, Cocon cheese is sell by 50gr !!
      No an idea of cheese, still 'tofu cheese' is like fresh cheese, base is 'momen tofu' that is pasted with salt, on a coton linen and put on fridge, to be served with good salt like Zalt salt and good olive oil like Blunda Olive Oil (both can be found in Shinjuku Isetan). And you eat it with a spoon it will impress many of your guest, but you will have to buy "momen tofu" on your last day ! You can taste it at Dy's Café in Nezu. My only regular cheese is this one !
      Or a photo of a recipe

      1. The Hokkaido antenna shop in Kaminarimon has some very decent cheeses now, some blues, Camembert clones, etc. (and of course those notorious cheeses Ninisix mentioned, which are at most good for melting on toast).

        As with Japanese wine, don't expect a revelation, but there's some decent cheese to be had.

        p.s. the people at Boucherie Du Buppa will be happy to speak with you in French or Japanese about small production cheeses (and have some nice ones on offer). I believe Potsura Potsura also have a plate of Japanese cheeses, but I think it's more mainstream stuff.