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Apr 13, 2013 01:51 AM


Pubs in Greenwich?

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    1. I can recommend a pub in nearby Deptford that we used to frequent called the Dog & Bell (116 Prince St.). They have an amazing list of bottled Belgian beers that sets them apart in London pubs. Also a decent set of UK beers on tap. (It's a Fuller's pub, IIRC.)

      Otherwise you can do a crawl along the Thames Path. None of the pubs are particularly noteworthy in a Chow sense, but for a visitor to London the riverside pubs can have a certain charm. We usually ended up at the Cutty Sark, which was just OK for food and beer, but a really charming historical setting with extraordinary river views of the O2 and Canary Wharf. It looks like they are under new management now, so that could bode well.

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        I second both gemuse's suggestions. For good beer in a good setting, I'd also suggest the Meantime pub in the Royal Naval College - lager focused, but very good lager and the full set of meantime beers on tap.

        If you find yourself a little bit further south, I've been wanting to try Zero Degrees, Blackheath for quite a while. I think they have a microbrewery on site. Would be interested to hear reports on what it's like!

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          Zero Degrees is a strange affair. It's been around since before the recent beer boom, so it seems to almost offer the beer as an afterthought. It feels more like a bad 00s cocktail bar crossed with pizza restaurant; they once wouldn't let us in in trainers!

          The beer is pretty good though (the food is bad) and I hear they're closing it to refurb it, so I hope they'll update it and make it more of a beer place.

          In greenwich, I think the best pub is the Greenwich Union, which is also a Meantime place.

      2. Trafalgar Tavern.

        Not a "gastropub". Proper pub food and not half bad.

        1. The Gypsy Moth, which is just by the Cutty Sark is also good, although like everywhere else in Greenwich, tends to be rammed at the weekends. Big garden, though, which is lovely if the weather's nice.