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Apr 12, 2013 09:14 PM


I'm going for the first time soon, anyone have suggestions? Going to be staying at the Cosmo and have reservations at Joel Robuchon so far. Other places I'm interested in are

Sage, Cut , Carnevino, Raku, Guy Savoy, and of course the buffet at Wynns

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  1. There's a reasonably active Las Vegas board on Chowhound, which is probably the best place to ask about this. My top Las Vegas recommendation would be Lotus of Siam on East Sahara, often counted as the best Thai restaurant in America. I've never been disappointed by anything there except the difficulty of getting a reservation and the wait for a walk-in table.

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    1. re: owades

      Yes on Lotus. Unless you book well in advance, dinner reservations are difficult. However, if you show up for lunch at 11:30, you can usually get in with no wait. Skip the buffet though, and order from the menu. Topnotch food at slightly higher prices than the average Thai restaurant. It's not too far off the strip, so the cab charge shouldn't be too bad. That said, as was noted above, you can rent a car in Vegas cheaply.

      ilovepumpkin: As for the "great local places out towards Red Rock" -- please enlighten us -- I've lived here for 11 years, and I have no idea what places you're talking about.

      1. re: Steve Green

        What is cheaply and is it easy to navigate the strip in a car or is it trafficky? For a car rental I'd do 100$ a day max

        1. re: ButterBuddha

          The mods don't like this kind of OT discussion, but you can generally rent a car in Vegas for _well_ under $100 per day. Check the car-rental websites.

          It can be quite trafficky on the Strip. The other day, (midafternoon, weekday), it was actually quicker to get on the freeway for a one-exit hop, than it would have been to drive the mile on the Strip. We locals do that sort of thing often, as well as using other shortcuts.

          Feel free to write me offline and I'll answer your non-food questions, as this post will probably get deleted.

          1. re: Steve Green

            I would definitely not recommend renting a car while in Vegas. It's so easy and relatively cheap to take a cab everywhere.

            1. re: okfnjesse

              Taking a cab is cheaper than renting a car? I live in Las Vegas and we have among the highest taxi cab rates in the country.

              1. re: Eric

                renting a car is going to cost between 25-50 a day. You can typically traverse an average day in Vegas (assuming you're staying on the strip not living in Vegas) for that much or less. You also get the added bonus of being able to be drunk and have someone drive you around to the entrance of every place you want to go to. The alternatives are parking in the self-park and walking a lot, or using valet and having to tip valet dudes. Living in Las Vegas and visiting Las Vegas are two different beasts.

              2. re: okfnjesse

                I always rent a car when I visit Las Vegas. It only takes the airport round trip and one or two off-strip visits to pay for the car vs cab. Oh and then you save a whole bunch of money going to great restaurants vs strip prices

              3. re: Steve Green

                If you plan to stay on The Strip for all your activities, do not rent a car. Take cabs, the bus, walk, whatever.

                OTOH, if you plan activies far off the strip, it's FAR more economical to combine the off Strip activities on one day and rent a car for that day.

                1. re: shamu613

                  Plan on spending a minimum of $15 every time you exit a cab in Vegas. It costs $3.50 just to enter the cab plus the fare and tip.

        2. Get off the strip. There's some great local places out towards Red Rock.

          1. What types of food do you like? What is your budget per meal? Will you have a car? I'm a fourteen year resident of Las Vegas. I'd do the Bellagio buffet over the Wynn buffet. If you plan on dining off the Strip renting a car for two days would be much cheaper than taking a cab to certain restaurants. Las Vegas has among the highest cab rates in the country.

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            1. re: Eric

              No budget and I love steak but can't eat it every day just looking for fancy places (Michelin stars James beard or celebirty chefs) to splurge since it's Vegas, no point in going and dining at an average place

              1. re: Eric

                Btw why do you say bellagio over Wynn? I'm mainly going to stuff up on king crab

                1. re: ButterBuddha

                  The last several times I went to Wynn the buffet did not have king crab legs. While the Wynn buffe is better then most, the quality is not as good as it was in the past.

                  1. re: Eric

                    No king crab legs?!? I better call them before going dang. I'll probably get lazy and eat at the wicked spoon at least once but the whole point of a Vegas buffet for me are those legs

                    1. re: ButterBuddha

                      The Wicked Spoon is great. However, it is only open for brunch and dinner. It is closed between 2:00 pm and 5:00 pm. Brunch doesn't have King crab. I don't know about dinner.

              2. i enjoyed my dinner at le cirque more then at Savoy and rubochon (and a lot less $$). other places to consider are bouchon, l'atelier rubochon, e by jose andres,

                1. Our dinner at Carnevino was good but very very expensive... with mediocre service. I don't think we'd go back unless we won the MegaMillions.