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Apr 12, 2013 09:13 PM

Proposing a new contender for Spiciest Dish in LA: the Cochinita Pibil taco at Guisados

Typing through blurred vision with burning fingers. I remember them asking me how hot I wanted it, 1 through 10, and me, veteran of years of asking for it "Thai spicy" in Thai Town, I go and say 10. I should have know from the way the guy looked at me...
I can honestly say that this taco and the "Dynamite Challenge" dish at Jitlada are the only two times in my life of loving spicy, spicy, five-alarm hot food that I couldn't finish the whole thing.
Dear f*ing God. The meat is bright red, covered in blistered habeneros, topped with toasted dried chiles, and smothered in a puréed habenero sauce. Knew I was screwed from bite one. I valiantly plowed through until about halfway through when the tears in my eyes made it hard to see the taco well enough to bring it to my mouth.

On another note, I tried 4 other tacos, Birria, pork chueletas in a green sauce, chorizo, and bistek in salsa roja- all were excellent, and the thick tortillas are made to order. Highly recommended.

I'm gonna go drink some milk now.

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  1. OMG, props to you!!

    My husband and I tried it at an 8. Well, mine was a mistake since I totally disregarded what the menu said, and when my DH ordered at eight, I wasn't paying attention, and just said, make it two, not knowing what he did....

    Well, he was able to finish his and half of mine, and loved it. My face was on fire and I could not do it was delicious, except I don't normally do that hot. He's been asking me ever since when can we go back.....maybe you two guys can get together and do a challenge, lol!

    1. I was a wuss and went with 4.

      1. I tried the assortment of small tacos there and the cochinita was in the mix. Next time if you want ridiculously HOT try the Chilis Torreados taco! One of only two items, in my whole life, that I had a hard time finishing. Not sure of everything in it but I did identify serrano, habanero and red Thai bird chilies! Thai chilies is kinda cheatin in my book! Yeah, fusion cuisine blah, blah, blah........