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ISO "Liquid Red Pepper Seasoning"

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Susan Schwartz writes about an excellent recipe for a Maple Syrup Rutabaga and Red Lentil Soup in a story about the Soup Sisters in this week's Gazette. Unfortunately, the recipe includes 'liquid red pepper seasoning' without any explanation of what it is. i googled it and found nothing to explain what it is. Is it Tabasco sauce? Hot chili and garlic sauce? Or is it something else? Let me know if you know what it is and where it can be bought in Montreal.

PS If Susan Schwartz frequents these boards, please indicate in your recipe where unusual ingredients can be purchased!

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  1. What a strange way to put it. Personally this context I'd read that as "red pepper hot sauce" - i.e. Tabasco, Frank's Red Hot, or your favourite hot sauce of that type.

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      Indeed, what a weird choice of words. Since the article was recent, maybe you can write to them online? I've once written to an author this way and got an immediate response (possibly from an editor, but hey...!)

    2. The Gazette provides the e-mail address of all their contributors at the bottom of the article. In this case, Susan Schwartz's e-mail is:


      I suggest you send her an e-mail and ask about the ingredient. Be sure to post a follow-up here to let us know what it is, if she replies.

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        It was indeed Tabasco, or other brand name, sauce.