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Apr 12, 2013 08:27 PM

where might one find the best fried seafood,esp shrimp,near I 95

these are shrimp that one has to experience as part of a personal journey to perfection.B&J's seafood and Steaks,in Darien,Ga,2 miles off I-95 serves the best fried seafood ,esp shrimp that I have been fortunate to eat in 63 yrs of pursuing culinary ideals.They say the steaks and other food is good,but I will never know,its always the shrimp for me.It is a dump,and you're gonna wonder if u are in the right place,but when that first shrimp explodes in ur mouth,you will know this is the place.

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  1. First, an apology. I hate reviews like the one I'm about to give you!!

    Well, you caused me to do some research and discover that the restaurant I was going to recommend has closed.
    Thursday's, Marion SC, which was about 15mi off 1-95 between Florence SC and Lumberton NC.

    I won't carry on, too much, since it's no longer an option, but there were THREE shrimp size choices in the "popcorn" variety.
    Super super super fresh shrimp, light breading. My no-shrimp mom loved them, and my all-shrimp dad thought they were the best he'd ever had.

    1. B&J's is definitely the best I know of in coastal Ga. The quality & price are hard to beat.

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        Plan on making my way to B&J's this week for a late lunch/early dinner.....would love to hear recommendations in addition to the legendary shrimp. Any sides not to be missed? Any other tips at all for eating near Jekyll?


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          I have never had anything other than the seafood.The shrimp and flounder are so good,couldn't get myself interested in any other food.St Simons has some good places,Jekyll not so much.

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            Just answering my own question above, and echoing the recommendation of B&J's. I was only to work my way through half of the humongous platter of half fried local shrimp and half fried Apalachicola oysters, which came with excellent house made cole slaw and lovely bacon-braised flat beans My choice of the two included sides) ($18.95). Cannot remember when I've had better shrimp and oysters were superb as well.

            Easy to find, right on Rte 17 just a few minutes off I-95, open all day without a break. Wine and beer served.

        2. Thanks for this! Will be making a detour on my way to Savannah - not even going to look up any other reviews since yours is so convincing!

          1. Better than BJs..Is Speeds. Shrimp is amazing..also flounder, scallops,etc. Much cleaner and more pleasant. Harder to find but worth it. Exit I-95 eulonia/Townsend and go east. At 4 way stop go left. At gas station take right (about mile or so from 4 way stop) then a quick left (shell man Rd) then go about 5 to 7 miles until it dead ends. Take right, go down to baptist church, take right. There will be a sign to Speeds rest. Believe me it is worth the drive! Open Thursday through Sunday for dinner and Sunday lunch.

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              Not sure when your last trip to Speed's was but I feel the quality has fallen recently. We used to not mind the ride from St Simons but the smaller portions & decreased quality make B&J's the better option currently.

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                Just ate there last week...huge portions and still as good as ever!