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Apr 12, 2013 07:49 PM

Wedding Dinner Suggestion

We are looking for a restaurant that will take a reservation for 16 - family style would be great, but more or less solid 'American' cooking (perhaps one of the older solid steak houses). Needs to be within within a short distance from the Flamingo. If I had it my way, we would be having Thai but not this crowd. This would be for a Friday evening. We could probably make one of the places in the Flamingo work for us but some of the party appreciate that LV has better things to offer off the Strip!

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  1. The part about proximity to the Flamingo is what makes this tough. The Palm across the street is likely to be better than anything in the Flamingo. Rao's, too, for that matter.

    Maggione's is expert at both doing wedding parties and serving family style. It's a chain and the food might be a notch lower than Rao's, but it is also less expensive, but it is probably too far north for you.

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    1. re: Dave Feldman

      Thanks for the suggestions. After some thought, the need for close proximity to the Flamingo might not be so much of a big thing. This is not the wedding dinner. The party wants it to be to be a fun, rollicking 'night before' wedding dinner for 16 in (hopefully) a private room. Therefore, would any LV people know a good place that is reasonable and drivable and might have a private room, here is SoCAl that might be something like a Buca de Beppo kind of place (alas). Where would locals do something like this and avoid the big, spendy committment with the casino restos? That is what is happening on the wedding night and this is supposed to be the fun 'night before'.

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        Well, I don't know how many locals would do this, but for a fun place, I might look at Culinary Dropout at the Hard Rock. Went there recently with a group and thought it was pretty fun; good outdoor space that would accomodate a group and the food is better than it needed to be. It's clear that they do a lot of bachelor/bachlorette parties, but I didn't think it was raucous.
        Other options: it's a chain, but Maggiano's, in the Fashion Show, would be worth a look; it's a lot better than Bucco di Bepo (although there is one of those here too), and I have done private events at other Maggiano's that were quite good.
        The last time I organized an event like you have in mind, I did it at Bali Hai Golf Club, which is South of Mandalay Bay on the Strip. They have terrific private rooms and did a nice job with the event, but that was some time ago.

    2. You might want to take a look at the private room at P. J. Clarke's in the Forum Shops, which would be a short stroll from the Flamingo ( Both the ambience and the menu could be a good fit for your group.

      1. Another option in the Forum shops is Joe's Stone Crab; they do a very nice steak and have very traditional service. Mon Ami Gabi in the Paris has a nice private room, and although French, is very approachable and has a number of nice steaks.