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Apr 12, 2013 06:11 PM

Bummer Experience at Bueno Y Sano

I was so excited for Bueno to come back to the Boston area, having adored their burritos in Amherst and Northampton. Late-night college dining at its best (and yep, the burritos taste good sober, too).
I was so sorely disappointed by my recent meal at the Acton location. The owner was on the cash register -- maybe someone had called out sick -- and he was scowling the whole time. Barely smiled, was incredibly brusque with customers. My beef chili burrito tasted like watery bolognese sauce wrapped in a stale tortilla. Iceberg lettuce and some cold, shredded pieces of cheese didn't help. I requested hot sauce (choose from wicked hot, hot, medium, or mild), and there was absolutely no heat in the burrito. The hot red sauce is, in my opinion, what MAKES Bueno so delicious -- thin, tangy, fiery. This stuff was just watery chunks of loose tomato with no flavor at all.
Such a disappointment. Guess if I want a burrito fix, it's back to Amherst i go. I was rooting for this place! Sadly, Yelp tells the same tale.

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  1. I have been 2x and it is truely horrible. No seasoning. Hardly any meat. Nonexistant cheese. Hard rice.

    1. Ditto, here. It's very convenient to work, and I went once. I didn't finish my chicken burrito, and won't bother going back. Bland, boring and very little chicken.

      1. Yes, I went once too and have not been tempted to return. Nearly the entire burrito was just rice, hardly any chicken.

        1. Never liked them in Noho. No reason to like them anywhere else. BS replaced ChaChaCha on Main St. in Northampton. CCC was a great place.

          1. I drove by today and there is a For Lease sign in the window.

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            1. re: Kat

              You sure that isnt for the left half of the building or the upstairs? They dont occupy the entire place. The Left 1/2 has been for least since the day the chinese place left

              1. re: hargau

                On Friday, it looked like there were people in the right half and there were cars in the parking lot, so I assumed the For Lease sign was for the other half of the building and that Bueno y Sano was still open. Not that I'm tempted to go back.