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Nov 29, 2001 01:56 PM

tasty soup in Austin?

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Now that the cold weather is upon us, I was wondering if any of you had any suggestions for good soup in Austin.

I've heard about Texas French Bread. I'm seeking all suggestions but I'm on the look out for good places for tortilla soup.


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  1. Las Manitas on Congress, betw 2nd and 3rd. Changes daily, so call to check. BTW, they're all really good.

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      David "Zeb" Cook


      I had an excellent posole soup at Elsi's -- but I think it's a weeked special.

      Madam Mam's on Guadalope has good noodle soups. My wife recommends their Thai hot and sour soup.

      Haven't had too much soup lately, so I can't help much.

      David "Zeb" Cook

      1. j
        Jim Wilkerson

        Have you ever tried pho, or Vietnamese beef noodle soup? It's terrific. Typically, it's a huge bowl of rice noodles in a rich beef broth with your choice of various bits of beef such as flank or brisket. (Bold diners can choose things like tendon and tripe.) The soup is served with a plate piled high with various garnishes. These vary from place to place but usually include bean sprouts, cilantro (and sometimes basil), sliced jalapenos, and lime wedges, which you toss in as desired.

        If you've never had pho, don't dismiss it as "just beef noodle soup." It's unique and delicious. And you can get a huge bowl you'll have trouble finishing for about 5 or 6 bucks.

        Pho Cong Ly has good pho even though it is a chain. It has a novice-friendly menu with lots of clearly labeled options. There's one on Wm Cannon between Brodie and MoPac (there are others in Austin, too).

        Saigon Kitchen's pho is also good. It's in some chain hotel lobby just off of I-35 near Ben White. Bizarre location, but good food.

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          Oh, yeah! I forgot that Kim Phung's duck soup with egg noodle is completely addictive. I guess it's back to 12 step duck noodle soup program for me.

          1. re: Jim Wilkerson

            thanks for the suggestions

            yes I've tried Pho and I've been to Pho Cong Ly and Kim Phung and Saigon.

            I hear good things about Sunflower but I've never been there.

          2. OK, I used to live in Austin, and I remember having some of the best tortilla soup this side of the Rio Grande at Central Market cafe on North Lamar. The Central Market in Houston has about 9 or 10 different soups going in their cafe (practically a soup BAR), so I would assume the Austin location has the same thing.

            1. r
              Rob Hargrove

              I really like the soups at the Din Ho Chinese BBQ. I'm not usually a huge fan of soups at Chinese restaurants, but these (at least the ones I've tried) are quite good.