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Apr 12, 2013 05:28 PM

Pickle Plug

Just pickled up a jar of the newish HEB branded fresh pickle spears "Zesty Kosher Dills" from the refrigerator section. Very nice. Better than the Claussens. The jar is bigger by (I think) 50% and costs $.20 less. They have a nice lemony bite to them. I've eaten 7 of the spears since 2 hours ago and used an 8th for my home-made jalapeno-pickle tarter sauce (fish sandwich tonight). Now I just have to try and refrain from drinking all the juice before I eat any more pickles! Check 'em out next time you're in a pickle for a pickle.

(can't vouch for the whole dills yet but I would suspect they're the same)

-s (Pickle Freak) w

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  1. Have you tried Pogue Mahone pickles yet? They're a local pickler and I believe they've won some national awards. You can find them at farmer's markets with samples (ginger habanero...yum!). Fair warning though...they're 10 bucks a jar.

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    1. re: jwynne2000

      $10/jar is a little too rich for my blood. Part of that price is to subsidize the cost of handing out all the many samples at the farmer's markets.

      I've taken to buying cheap sweet or regular pickle chips and spicing them up myself. A jar of Vlassic bread and butter chips with 12 drops of Melinda Naga Jolokia Sauce and left in the fridge for 2-3 days is better than all those designer "Sweet Hots" that cost 3x as much.

      1. re: sqwertz

        Best Maid brand hot sweet pickles (available at HEB) are inexpensive and I think they rock. The jalapeno slices at the bottom of the jar are especially yummy.

        1. re: Ashforth

          I can't say that my regular HEB for staples carries them but I'll check again. If not I'll pick them up at one of the other HEB's (I visit a lot of HEB's). I shy away from the regular Best Maid pickles since they are not fresh packs, but rather a salted and desalted pickle. Their regular pickles taste stale to me.

          One thing I like about using the Vlassic B&B pickles to make sweet hots is their thickness. I don't particularly care for any of their other pickles.


          1. re: Ashforth

            Their "Xtreme Hots" were $2.24/jar minus a $1 coupon. So I pickled up two 24oz jars of them. They're pretty nasty (blech). I just added 2/3rd cup fo sugar to the jar and we'll see what happens.

            I didn't see any sweet hot versions at Parmer and I35 nor Manchaca and Slaughter. I don't see them on their website either.

            1. re: sqwertz

              The ones i get at the HEB at Brodie and William Cannon are "Jalapeno Bread & Butters" and come in a small jar. They have a lurid green-yellow brine and are cut in slices that maintain a decent crunch for a non-refrigerated pickle.

              If you find and get them, I hope you don't hate them! I would feel bad.

          2. re: sqwertz

            In the same vein, I like to buy a jar of kosher dills and a jar of bread and butters and swap out the juice of each.

        2. I love (and some can't STAND) the Ba-Tampte half sours in the Kosher deli at Far West HEB for their fresh cucumber taste. Oddly though, they taste less salty but actually have considerably more salt than their more sour counterparts. That's the real rub with pickles - huge salt loads. You must have a pretty good sodium tolerance to down 7 spears in two hours! Bravo!

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          1. re: slowcoooked

            Ba-Tampte has had some really bad quality control problems lately and I have been victimized by them the last time I purchased them. Lots of bad reviews out there from people who used to love them.

            Anybody tried the store-made(?) pickles at Han Yang Market. They have some normal fermented (half-sour) pickles as part of their kimchi lineup. They come in half-gallon jars for $10. I just get their cucumber kimchi which is usually superb, but some times it's just so-so and needs more aging.


          2. HEB is now carrying a new line of pickles and they are the Farmers Garden and several other flavors I think they're by Vlasic. I have tried the farmeers garden and they are pretty good. I also tried the Ba-Tampte half sours which are so-so but I do like their pickled green tomatoes.

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            1. re: ericthered

              We had a thread of the Farmers Garden pickles here a while back. I found them to be extremely salty tasting and too strong on the vinegar.