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Apr 12, 2013 05:24 PM

tasting menu - noisette or castagna?

will be visiting portland for the first time in early may and am excited to taste what the city has to offer. my girlfriend and i will be in town for a week, and for our last night (friday) i was thinking of surprising her with a nice dinner.

after a bit of research, both noisette (the chef's counter looks neat) and castagna seem like strong contenders. has anybody been to both and/or can anybody shed any light on either? many thanks in advance!

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  1. I have sadly not yet been to Noisette, but a previous chowhound review made me drool...I have been to castagna and the food was gorgeous and delicious, each bite an adventure. The service was impeccable, and we had time to chat and enjoy and everything was delivered perfectly!

    1. I have been to both and enjoyed both very much. We went to both of them about a year ago, though, so it is difficult to compare.

      I think if I had to choose, I might lean toward Castagna, but honestly, the tasting menu currently on my mind is that from Roe. If at all possible, I would like to do both Castagna and Noisette again soon to compare the 3 of them.

      If the weather happens to be nice, Noisette has a nice outdoor area. Both the Castagna and Noisette rooms are well lit by large windows. Noisette seems cozier inside; we did not sit at the chef's counter.