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Apr 12, 2013 04:36 PM

Quick trip to Victoria

Hey all, we're heading over to the capital for the 25th weekend, so only looking for one or two dinner and lunch places. Did a search here but it's a bit thin on the ground. Came up with Ulla which sounds great if we can get in. Will do Red Fish Blue Fish for a lunch if it's open and would love to give Devour a go. Any other ideas would be welcome, lunch or dinner. Prolly not looking for Asian this time. Many thanks.

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  1. I enjoyed the Japanese homestyle food at Uchida. And maybe check out Fol Epi?

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      Forgot to mention, Uchida is lunch-only.

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        RF/BF is even harder to spot from the street than Go Fish the roof of their shack is covered in moss and you need to be right on the wharf to see the place unless there's a crowd.

        More selection/nicer people/better cooking than GF IMSNHO.

    2. I usually eat at family and friends homes when I head to Victoria these days so haven't personally experienced any of the following but:

      the Veneto Tapas Lounge in the Hotel Rialto looked interesting.

      Stage Winebar gets good reviews as well and the space looks inviting and popular when I've walked by

      Two sets of friends both had very good Dine Around Victoria experiences at the Victoria Harbour House Restaurant (not to be confused with the Sooke Harbour House :))

      1. Eat magazine had a good review of Uchida recently. I actually find the publication (I usually pick one up on the ferry over) a good source of interesting foodie info for the island.

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          I love the uncoated paper stock they use for Eat Magazine. So tactile!

        2. Uchida looks interesting -- a bit like Chef Naoko's in Portland. We don't have anything like that in Vancouver.

          RFBF is indeed hard to find, but once you get there the perpetual lineup gives it away :-). Friday will prolly try Devour or Uchida as they are both closed on the weekend. I wonder if either is close enough to where my meeting is on Monday to sneak out to for lunch *rubs hands and heads over to Google Maps.*

          Have tried Stage and it was quite good. Will check out your other ideas as well, islandgirl, and see what I can find in EAT online. I had forgotten about it. Mebbe look for it on the ferry too.

          When I called to book at Ulla, I asked the staffer there for reccs and she suggested a new French bistro in Fernwood called Ca Va. So I'm taking a flyer on brunch there for Sunday. Menu looks very nice and they take resos, woot.

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              Thanks, that's great, especially the burger!