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Apr 12, 2013 03:55 PM

take-out or delivery chicken soup....

Could people list their favourites?

I had a great bowl of avgolemono from Hellenik Grill on Fairlawn, between Lawrence and Yonge Blvd.
Delivery is included in their delivery zone for orders over $25, before tax.

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  1. Oh for sure Yitz's chicken matzo ball soup for takeout. Insanely expensive and worth every cent.

    Also, Nortown's chicken noodle soup is quite good. Can buy those at The Kitchen Table and other places, as well as Nortown of course.

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    1. re: magic

      Thanks magic. I'm going to stop by Nortown to pick up some soup today.

      1. re: prima

        Nortown is closed on Saturdays! Try Kitchen Table in Forest Hill Village instead, today.

        If you are unwell, I hope you feel better. Regardless, enjoy the soup.

        Good tips on this thread, thanks all :)

        1. re: magic

          Thanks, magic, you saved me the trip. And thanks for the well wishes. :)

          I completely forgot Nortown would be closed today. I'll pick some up soon- Nortown is still more convenient for me than the FHV, so I'll just wait until tomorrow!

          Thanks everyone, for all your comments and suggestions.

          1. re: prima

            Shoppers Drug Mart on Eglinton (west of Avenue Rd) has a huge selection of good bottled soups, including the So Delicious brand (Nortown's prepared foods brand).

            Or, if you can find some Campbell's Italian Wedding soup (also sold as Campbell's Hearty Italian Meatball soup) that might soothe your bad weather blues today. Not as healthy as chicken soup but I like it for something tasty and comforting. Some might go "blech" but I like.

            Good luck, prima :)

            1. re: magic

              Actually, you can also find the Nortown chicken soup at that Shoppers Drug Mart as well. If that is not too far for you, prima...

              1. re: magic

                Thanks magic. I went to the York Mills Nortown today. They had 4 different chicken soups- a hearty version with tubetti and more chicken and more veggies, a noodle version, a matzo version and a clear version. I bought a bottle of the hearty chicken and the chicken noodle.

                I'm not sure that avgolemono from Hellenik was as tasty as I thought it was on Friday night. Yesterday, I found my second bowl that I reheated, on the salty side, and tasting of commercial soup base, so I ended up diluting it. My tastebuds are a little off, so take anything I've been recommending recently with a grain of salt!

                1. re: prima

                  Hope you're turning handsprings in no time.

          2. re: magic

            Just came across this today, and I have to tell you magic that you're too sweet!!

            1. re: kwass


              Haha, thanks. Foodies gotta look out for each other!

              1. re: magic

                We sure do :) You're a good guy magic!!

                1. re: magic

                  Or as my mom would're a mensch!

        2. Try the chicken noodle soup from European Delights in the basement of the SLM. Comes in (approx) 750 or 1 litre containers. Have a craving for it whenever I get sick - lots of other soups too, but chicken soup is a particular fave.

          1. Bread & Butter (Mt Pleasant/Davisville) - Delicious homemade goodness. They don't deliver, but you can bring your own container and take out.

            Ravi Soup - asian take. No funny MSG business though. The Adelaide location delivers if you call ahead.

            Katz's - chicken soup with matzo. But they do a sloppy job packaging for take-out. So tread with care.

            Thanks for the tip on Hellenik.

            1. Leslieville Pumps has a good takeout chicken soup.