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Apr 12, 2013 02:15 PM

Steakhouse-Northern NJ

Imagine our disappointment when our favorite steakhouse, Mignon in Rutherford, closed. We're looking for another steakhouse that offers Prime aged beef, a real traditional steakhouse. I've seen advertising for Rare in Little Falls, but I haven't heard anything about it. It's ironic that we first heard about Mignon six years ago here on Chowhound, we trust your recommenations.

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  1. River Palm in Edgewater, (NOT Fair Lawn)
    Park Steakhouse in Park Ridge

    Prime Steakhouse and Beyond, Fort Lee for a storefront BYOB in a converted butcher shop. No atmosphere but excellent, albeit expensive steaks.

    For a traditional steakhouse experience, I would go with River Palm. Chopped salad, Porterhouse for two, french fries, crab cakes.

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      agree with River Palm (have only been to Edgewater). I also really enjoyed Frankie & Johhnies in Hoboken a few years back. Thought it compared with the big boys in the city, but its now called Dino & Harrys, and I don't know if its still the same quality. I hope they aren't closing any of Mignon's sister restos (village gourmet, Tina Louise, etc).

    2. Wayne SteakHouse is excellent. It's the perfect choice if you are looking for the Peter Lugar-type steak experience. It's also BYOB.

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        I've heard of Wayne Steakhouse and like it being BYOB, like Mignon, plus I live near there.

      2. +1 for Palm Steakhouse in Park Ridge. Great aged beef, really traditional steakhouse.

        1. I won't get into the dry vs. wet debate, or even prime, aged, and who does what and for how long. My feeling is if you like the steak, go and enjoy it.

          That said, I would strongly recommend the River Palm (Edgewater location -- you can try the other two, but try the original/Edgewater location); and the Assembly (Englewood Cliffs). I rate them the two best in Northern NJ. I've been to both -- innumerable times. I've also been to the Park Steakhouse many times well and while I wouldn't "not" go back I don't get that excited about going. I am not a fan of the Park Steakhouse. Yes, some people look to the experience, ambiance, etc., and some look straight to the food. In my opinion, and for my tastes -- and here I am looking right to the food, the steak -- I rate the RP and the Assembly "substantially" higher than the Park Steakhouse.

          The recommendation for Prime in Fort Lee is a good one. Non-traditional, so don't expect a hard-core steakhouse experience. LOL. I've heard some good things about Wayne Steakhouse. Interesting that it's BYO. I'll be there in a few weeks.

          1. If you have not tried El Cid on paramus rd in paramus i suggest that you give them a try,my favorite place,i always go for the filet mignon or prime rib,huge portions,great service,meal w/1 drink 35-40.00 well worth it imo....also enjoy the outback steakhouse chain on rt 17 in rochelle park,they have an "outback special" running about 15.00 pp

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              I've been to El Cid numerous times and I like it. Many people lambaste the restaurant as quantity not quality, but I disagree. I like the food I've gotten there, good flavor, taste, etc.

              That said, I don't consider them a steakhouse. If I want a steak, sure, for a change of pace I might go there, but I very rarely order a steak there. I have, friends have, we've shared, etc. But if I want a "steakhouse" -- I am not going to El Cid.

              Outback...well, I am not going to touch that one. LOL.

              1. re: cantbeatgoodfood

                I agree that El Cid has some good steaks. They are large but they seem to be quality meat and cooked well. I still wouldn't call it a steak house. It is a spanish restaurant.

                As for Outback, I have been there 3 or 4 time. Basically I was forced into a meal there with friends. I tried the steak once. Everytime after that I just order a salad.
                It is not a place to go if you are a true steak lover who is looking for a quality steak.

                1. re: NJfoodLover

                  Yes You are Right it Truly is a Spanish Restaurant,I call it a Steakhouse due to the fact that is Why I go there,alot of people go there for the seafood as well,I'm Happy to stick to my steaks,Dont get to go there too often due to it's an expensive night out,but when i do,i'm a very Happy customer thats for sure.

                  1. re: cantbeatgoodfood

                    If you enjoy it...that's all that counts!!! Thanks.

                    I have been wanting to go there for a while now and just can't seem to find the time.

                    I remember I liked the fillet tips appetizer and the way it was prepared.

                  2. re: NJfoodLover

                    I agree. Some people here just rant and rave that the portions are huge and that's why, or that's the only reason why it's popular, or even go further and say the food is "not good" so to speak. Like I said, I've been there -- and I like it. I don't consider it a steakhouse and I don't order steak there, but I've tried it. It's not the Assembly or the River Palm at all, not even close, but it's a good quality piece of meat. I've heard the argument -- it's so cheap, the meat has to be inferior. Right, thanks for sharing, LOL.

                    I just met a friend at Outback late last week -- appetizers, salad, steak for me, LOL. I've ordered steak there. It's OK, edible, etc. But I don't go there for steak or when I want to have an excellent steak, steakhouse experience, etc.