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Apr 12, 2013 02:08 PM

Visiting in May, which reservations do I need to make ASAP?

Hi all,
I'm visiting Philadelphia in mid May and wonder if there are any hard to get reservations I should start thinking about ASAP?

Restaurants I have enjoyed in the past:
Per Se in NYC
Eleven Madison Park in NYC
French Laundry in Yountville
Le Bernardin in NYC
Moto in Chicago


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  1. Osteria or Vetri or both ;-)

    1. Depending on if you are here on Wed-Sun, I would suggest Bibou. But note that it is cash only and bring your own wine.

      Also if you are okay with high prices, The Fountain Room at the Four Seasons hotel is an elegant place to dine.

      1. Vetri is the only place on par with the restaurants you mention and along with Bibou (which while different than the above is still excellent) two for which you should seek reservations far in advance.

        1. If you will be here on the weekend, consider Lacroix for Sunday brunch. But if that weekend is Mother's Day, you might be out of luck already.

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          1. re: Philly Ray

            Now THAT looks decadent! I take it's $69 for the Sunday Brunch Buffet?

            1. re: nowai

              Yep..$69 for the buffet. And all of the hot dishes are served in the kitchen, so you get to walk right in and help yourself. It is a really nice experience. Make the reservation for 11AM so you can maximize your time there.

            2. re: Philly Ray

              Thanks for the reminder Philly Ray. I just made Brunch reservations at Lacroix for my husband's newest milestone birthday. (I'm going straight to Italy for mine!)

            3. bibou as others have suggested should be on your list.