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Nov 26, 2001 05:53 PM

Private Dining in Houston

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Help! I am looking for a Houston area restruant which can provide a private dining room/area for a group of approximately 12 adults. It will be a family function to celebrate my oldest son's graduation from TAMU. My priorities are:1. excellent food;2. excellent service;3. ambiance;4. good wine list or even better, allows corkage; 5. available betweem Xmas and New Years while family from Illinois and California are in Houston.

No Mexican or Asian, anything else is OK! THANKS!

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  1. We had a private dinner last year at Damian's Italian on Smith St.

    Very nice recently updated private dining area upstairs. The room can handle from 10-200.

    We were very pleased.

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      I would second Damian's, arguably the best restaurant in Houston.

    2. I had good luck with Ruggle's, Sierra, and the Redwood Grill before I left Houston. They may already be booked up, but all have good food and can seat your party privately (or could a few years ago). All are in the Westheimer/Montrose area.


      1. I had my wedding rehearsal dinner at The Brownstone, which is off of Westheimer on Virginia St. They have an absolutely gorgeous restaurant filled with beautiful antiques. They even serve their food on antique dishes. If you go to their website, you can see all of their dining rooms. I've included in this post a picture of the room where I had my rehearsal dinner, the Pavilion. Everything was impeccable- the food, the service, and the ambiance. I highly recommend them!