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Apr 12, 2013 01:29 PM

Coal Harbour/Gastown - options that will open on Sunday afternoon?

Friends are planning a stroll from Stanley Park to Gastown. They'd like some suggestions for places to stop along the way or at the end to grab a bite, a beer, a good coffee, etc. The catch is so many places are closed on Sunday afternoons.
So far I've got:

Bella Gelateria
Milano Coffee (the espresso flights sound intriguing)
The Sardine Can
Nicli Antica Pizzeria

Any other suggestions would be appreciated

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  1. For a post walk beer, keep walking past Gastown to Railtown and have a pint at the Alibi (they serve brunch til 2:30-3 ish too, not sure what food is on hand through the afternoon - maybe cheese plates and such).

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      Thanks for the recommendation. I had misread their website and thought they closed at 2:45pm.