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updates on Oakland weekend brunch places?

I need suggestions that would include "takes reservations" and "something to eat if you keep Kosher." I had hopes for Lungomare but the reviews seem split between fabulous and awful! Other ideas?

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  1. If you're willing to come to Berkeley, a rabbi I know likes Gather and I've had great brunches there.

    1. What about Rick and Anne's? They have latkes!

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        If you could reserve at Rick and Anne's I'd go back there, but when I've gone the waits have been terrible. I'm not one of those people who thinks waiting for an hour or more for brunch is just part of the experience!

        1. Camino or Dona Tomas would work and both are on Open Table.

          I am not sure you can reserve at Rick and Ann's.

          1. huh? no resto is kosher unless it's a kosher resto.

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              It's a pretend thing. Pretend there is no treif in the kitchen.

            2. Sorry -- the place doesn't have to be kosher -- just not one of those All-Bacon-All the Time places. Vegetarian selections would be fine.

              1. looks like an interesting weekend brunch at District with mostly positive reviews at another site


                District Oakland
                827 Washington St
                Oakland, CA 94607
                (510) 272-9110

                1. Barlata might seem an unlikely idea, but while it's true that there's lots of pork and shellfish on the brunch menu, there are also a number of veg options, including pancakes, French toast, a selection of tortillas, and vegetarian paella. They don't do reservations, I don't think, but it's not busy for weekend brunch in my experience.


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                    Good suggestion. I've gone there for brunch a few times and it's never busy.