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Apr 12, 2013 12:39 PM

Critique my Paris plans, I did research!

Hi all! Talk about an exhaustive chowhound research extravaganza! I think I might have my dinners planned out for my 5/28-5/31 trip, but would love your opinion. Here's are those details you love to ask:
-We're doing one fancy pants dinner, but going for mid range for the other two, i.e. less than 100E for 2 people for something akin to 3 courses (including tip, tax, and whatever else they charge in Paris).
-My husband drinks but doesn't mind inexpensive wine and will only do a drink or two with dinner. I don't drink at all.
-I'm an extreme foodie who will eat anything, but my husband is a middle of the road diner. Every once in a while, he surprises me with his choices, but not often. So no sea foam or degustation menus. :)
-We're staying at Hotel La Belle Juliette in the 6th but don't mind traveling for good food. We currently live in San Francisco, so public transportation doesn't scare us.
-I know a lot of people like to save money by doing nice meals at lunch, but we're just not into that. We'd rather grab food on the run as we're being touristy and do dinner after a shower and a nap.

Here goes!
Tuesday: My husband's boss got us reservations at Le Taillevent. I'm a little apprehensive about this, but he claims it's a once in a lifetime experience. It also sounds like a $600-$800 per couple experience. Worth it? Is there somewhere else we should go?

For Wednesday and Thursday: My top choices at the mid range price are Chez Denise, Dans Les Landes, and Les Papilles.

Since we have so many cuisine choices in San Francisco, I feel like sticking to “French” food, but don't really have it narrowed down to type.

Can't wait to hear your opinion!

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  1. Hmmmm, it looks like La Regalade St Honore might fit my price point as well. Worth giving up any of the other restaurants for? I'd really appreciate your feed back!

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    1. re: debbie421

      l like the three you picked with no change to R St Honore.

    2. La Regalade St Honore, Chez Denise, Dans Les Landes, and Les Papilles are all good; no quibbles. If sticker shock gets you at Taillevent try their #2 - 110 Taillevent with a 39 E menu even at night and 110 wines; pretty good cooking.

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      1. re: John Talbott

        Is it truly $600-$800 (american dollars) per couple? We would clearly go cheap on wine, but just trying to wrap my head around the cost. Thanks for the replies everyone!

        1. re: debbie421

          Taillevent's web site leaves a lot to be desired these days (when M. Vrinat was alive they had an excellent one) but here is the menu, if you haven't seen it.

      2. We just had lunch at Les Papilles Thursday and it was spectacular! They serve a lot of food and are extremely friendly. We had lamb that was braised until it fell off the bone and you could cut it with a fork, amazingly tasty. Like many restaurants here, the space is very small, but the great food and wine make up for it.
        We're dining at Dans Les Landes tonight - I'll be sure to let you know how it goes.
        We also loved Chez L'ami Jean - bistro but a little more refined. And we loved Spring which was more modern and refined than either of the others.
        I considered Taillevent, but we're here for 7 days, I couldn't bring myself to spend that much on one meal :) Please let us know if you find it as spectacular as they say.

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        1. re: Lmonach

          I know a lot of folks around here love Les Papilles, but for me it was truly ordinary. Not bad, just nothing special.

          1. re: ChefJune

            Like most restaurants, Les Papilles occupies a special niche. For us, it was for years where we crashed on our first night in town, an easy cultural sigue, predictable and cossetting. A glass of bubbly, soup, meat 'n potatoes, cheese, dessert helped along by a hearty Languedoc or Cahors.

            It doesn't offer innovation or surprise. More like Grandma than Mrs. Robinson. We have taken a handful of first time visitors to LP and each one has left smiling and content, as we always have.

            It remains special for us, but not for every visit nor on very short visits when each evening requires cashing one of only a few dining ops. But for first timers, I will always recommend it.

        2. "Chez Denise, Dans Les Landes, and Les Papilles."
          Of the 3, I would pick Dans Les Landes, hands down.
          And I love your post title. Wish all post titles were like yours. :-)

          1. Dang it, now I just saw this:

            The problem with planning so far out if you keep getting more information!

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            1. re: debbie421

              Hardly in depth analysis - also I think the view from Rostang's place may have changed - I don't think you can usually see the sea from his terrace even on a sunny day.....!

              1. re: PhilD

                "I don't think you can usually see the sea from his terrace even on a sunny day.....!"
                Russia maybe, Phil?

                1. re: John Talbott

                  John - if you follow the line he has a Day 4 picture of Rostang.....looks like that part of Paris changed since my day. I love guides that don't realise they have the wrong pictures.

                  1. re: John Talbott

                    Global warming does that to the coast lines !!! :-)