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Apr 12, 2013 11:44 AM

San Francisco Bay Area Food Festivals and Events - April, 2013

4/13 & 14 - Songkran (Thai New Year and water festival), Wat Buddhanusorn, Fremont

4/15 - Slow Money, Food Policies in California, San Francisco, free registration

4/20 & 21 - Lao New Year, Wat Lao Saysettha, Santa Rosa

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  1. 4/18-25 - Goat Festival, San Francisco

    4/20 - Cambodian New Year, Oakland

    4/21 - Songkran Thai New Year Festival, San Jose

    4/21 - Aung Mingalar Buddhist Temple Burmese Thingyan Festival, Daly City (can someone translate this poster?)

    4/26 - Oakland Taco Truck Bike Tour

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      Also in San Jose on the 21st:

      2nd annual Masons for Smoke on the Mountain Fundraiser

      Teams will be selling samples on Sunday.

      1. re: Melanie Wong

        More details for the Daly City Burmese festival listed above:

        Apparently the location is in a residential neighborhood and may not be that spacious. It is from 9a to 1pm, at 10 they will offering to buddha and after that they will be praying and the monk will giving some kind of speech. and then the food start. there will be mohinga, samosa, rose water and ice cream drink.etc. there will be Burmese briyani and burmese chicken dish. many burmese dessert make from cocnut milk and wheat germ. No admission fee, donations should be made for the food, around $4 per plate.

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          Although there are a couple of other events, the main goat festival is this Saturday (4/20).

          1. 4/18 - People's Community Market & City Slicker Farm, Oakland, Food for All, Justice for All Celebration

            4/26 - Soiree, Wine Luxury benefit for Share Our Strength, San Francisco

            1. I stopped by Wat Lao Saysettha on Friday. The congregation was busy prepping food and putting together the displays for the weekend. There will be live music and here's a photo of the menu for Saturday and Sunday.

              Chowhounds will be meeting there around noon, and everyone is welcome to join us. Bring cash. The seating area is tented for shade, but with a forecasted high of 80 degrees, bring sunscreen and water bottles. Take-out containers are a good idea too in order to buy extras to take home.

              1. Off The Grid Picnic - Sunday - April 21

                How Weird Street Faire
                Weirdi Gras: A Carnival of peace!
                When: Sun Apr 28
                Where: Howard & 2nd Streets, San Francisco
                Time: 12pm-8pm
                Cost: $10