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Apr 12, 2013 11:33 AM

Best take-out in Studio City?

Preferably for dinner!

Also accepting take-out suggestions for West Hollywood..

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        1. re: Servorg

          chicken wrap in laffa bread - this is definitely the thing to get at Joe's. far superior to their falafel IMO

          and get lots of hot sauce. crack, crack hot sauce.

          1. re: ns1

            i thought the falafels were pretty good at joe's. they fry them fresh.
            at least they're better than the ones at the car wash on magnolia, although, those, too, are fried fresh.
            that hot sauce is great. i wish they wouldn't deal it out by the thimbleful.
            next time, i'll try the chicken.

            1. re: linus

              i think the falafel are fine, but the tahini to me is watered down crap.

              1. re: ns1

                uh, o.k. but is that like eating a hamburger and moaning about the ketchup?
                or more accurately maybe, considering the number of ingredients in tahini, the...lettuce?
                i didnt notice the tahini being crap myself. on the other hand, im not sure theres a difference between crap tahini and good tahini.

                1. re: linus

                  agree to disagree; i find the tahini sauce crucial to my enjoyment of falafel, and joe's doesn't do it for me. YMMV.

                  1. re: ns1

                    you might drive a little further west down the road and try amir's falafel at ventura and colfax.
                    the falafels are smaller than joe's. the bread is not near as good; i usually get the plate, because their salads are,pretty good.

                    1. re: linus

                      I really like the falafel at Al Amir's Lebanese Cuisine at Laurel Canyon and Magnolia. Great tahini and garlic sauce too.

    1. Just slightly north of Studio City, but Sri Siam Cafe at Vanowen and Coldwater is a fantastic option for Thai.

      Get the crispy rice salad with sour sausage, the whole fish with Thai herbs and chilies, and the O-Lou (an egg and shrimp pancake).

      This recent thread also discusses Sri Siam, and also has a couple of Studio City places, though mostly sit-down options:

      1. daichan in studio city for poke/izakaya type food

        ramen jinya for takeout ramen/curry

        1. I second Ramen Jinya and Sri Siam for Thai take-out or delivery.

          Also adding Take A Bao (take-out) and Golden Apple if you're looking for great Chinese (take-out or delivery).

          Shish near Ventura/Vineland also has some pretty good Mediterranean take-out/delivery.

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            1. re: ns1

              Great spot. It's pretty casual in a moderny-upscale setting. You order at a counter, get a number, and then food is delivered to your table. But everything I've tried is very tasty, drinks are good, service is great too. Highly recommend it.

              1. re: ns1

                take a bao is the mcdonald's of asian food, which is to say that it is wretched.

                1. re: soniabegonia

                  these 2 replies could not have been farther apart LOL

                  $7 for a bao and beer looks mighty tempting.

                  1. re: ns1

                    Haha, well I wouldn't say it's the McDonald's of asian food. It's far from Panda Express and even notches above P.F. Chang's. It's definitely not authentic, but they use fresh ingredients and everything I've tried is tasty. The 4 stars on Yelp seem to agree. And as the title of this thread asks for, it's good take-out.

                    If you're looking for authentic asian, I'm sure we can start a whole other post. But if you want some flavorful take-out (or casual dine-in), give it a try.

                    1. re: cincodemayo1

                      I'm really just looking for asian food and beer in the 818 area.

            2. Any thoughts on DarbinZ Kebab on Ventura? It gets nearly all 5-star reviews on Yelp but I've never seen it mentioned on CH. I drive past it every day and wonder...

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                1. re: ns1

                  If you haven't tried it yet, I can recommend it. I've had the shwarma plate which is flavorful. Try the lentil soup, they often offer it while you wait.