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Apr 12, 2013 11:30 AM

Where do you go for grapes in Florida?

Your run of the mill grapes at the Publix supermarkets are alright tasting... but I'm looking for something a bit "better".

After going to a Farmer's market down the street, and finding them selling the exact same grapes packaged in the exact same bagged labels-- I'm beginning to wonder if that is all there is to choose from.

Where do you go for great-tasting grapes in Florida?

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  1. Grapes are a fall fruit in most areas....what is around now is likely imported from Chile or other points south.

    Not sure if there is a local crop or when the season would be..

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    1. re: erica

      Went back to the same Farmer's Market today... and sure enough on the label the bag said "from Chile".!

      Even if I were to wait for the fall to buy the grapes in season, what places would have them?

      1. re: SmallSteps3000

        Have u tried Whole Foods, Fresh Market ?

        Which market did u go to?

        At yellow/green there r now 4/5 different stands selling fruit/vegetables

        1. re: jpr54_1

          Those markets are not going to be selling local grapes now, if ever. WF often sells Chilean grapes at high prices, up to $3.99 or even $4.99 per pound. Not even sure if grapes are grown here, given the climate.

          Up north in NY area, we get locally grown grapes in the fall only at local farmer's markets. Almost never in large supermarkets.

        2. re: SmallSteps3000

          Most likely nothing you buy from that Farmer's Market is going to be local, or its all bought from wholesalers. I don't know of anyplace around here that grows grapes, but I know that Henscratch Farms has a Upick grapes, they're a little NW of Lake Okeechobee and thats in the fall, like August. You can ask the "Fresh from Florida" facebook page to see if there's anybody further south who grows grapes. I don't know if they'll reply. Also you can check the Florida Grape Growers Association website, and see if they can help.

        3. re: erica

          Other than maybe northern FL where you might find muscadines, I don't believe grapes are grown locally commercially at all, so wherever you get them, they're going to be from somewhere else.

        4. Frod is right on the money.....our "local" grapes come from the northern part of our state......Was north of Orlando the Ocala area....and saw wineries popping there are grapes.....Are they "table grapes"....THAT would be the question....

          Ft. Pierce, FL

          1. Florida grapes are like Alaskan bananas.

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            1. re: taiga

              Actually, muscadines grow wild down here.

              Plus there are a few hybrid strains of grapes which were bred to grow in Florida.