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Apr 12, 2013 11:09 AM

GNO in June in Cincinnati - staying at 21c Hotel

Myself & my cousin are spending 24 hours in Cincinnati on a Saturday night in June. Our hotel is 21c. We are in our mid-late thirties. I'm a foodie and my cousin is starting to become cautiously open to new experiences. Looking for a dinner that won't exceed $100 not including the cost of wine. We plan on check out the new casino too.

Any suggestion on where to drink & (maybe) dance without feeling like we the oldest in the bar? Or just a neat, not to pretentious or young, bar scene?



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  1. Mayberry is pretty good. It is a gastropub (which I tend to think is an over used term but actaully applies here). I have been once and the food was good and would give your cousin some things that he is comfortable with but pushes just enough as well as some that will probably be outside his comfort zone. It is also a short walk to the casino and a block from there food carts set up on a saturday night so you can get food after the casino.

    1. The Mayberry suggestion is a good one. Across the street is a bar called Japp's, which has great craft cocktails, so you won't get the Naty Light crowd. I have no advice on dance clubs.

      The Metropole at 21c is very good but you won't get out of there for under $100. Nada across the street is really good, my wife's favorite place, and you can do that for under $100, but with drinks it'll be close. Get the pork belly tacos, and add a fried egg. New place called Sotto is around the corner from Nada, and professes well-done but reasonably priced Italian fare; haven't been yet. In the Gateway Quarter up Vine Street there are several good restaurants that would fit your need -- A Tavola or Lavomatic among them -- but many are small, don't take reservations and you may find long waits to get in.