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Cheese to serve with salami?

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I have a salami that I really enjoyed when I sampled it. That was a while back, so I'd be hard-pressed to describe it well. I'd like to serve some of it with cheese, crackers, fruit, nuts, etc. What would be an appropriate type of cheese? (In fact, fruit and nut suggestions welcome, as well.)

This is Hungarian-style salami, brand name looks to be Teli, made by Bende and Son, Vernon Hills, Illinois. Additionally, any ideas for using the rest of the salami? I'm wondering especially about hot preparations, but any ideas are welcome.

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  1. I believe it is a mild smoked sausage, so I'd suggest a cheddar or Gruyere cheese. smoked sausage go well I think with beans or with potatoes - so chop some into your mashed potatoes (and add some cheese and bake if you'd like) or simmer some in with white beans and greens.

    1. Personally I'd serve it with something like a Comte along with walnuts and figs.

      1. I think Provolone would be good, personally.

        It might be good in rice dishes or in eggs. I would just eat it on baguettes with Provolone and maybe a little mustard, though.

        1. We usually have provolone, sharp white cheddar and shaved parm with hard salami.

          As an appetizer, we slice the hard salami thin and place it on a foil covered tray in a 400 degree oven for 10 mins. The salami coins baked to a chip and we serve the chips with crusty bread slices, mustard, pickles and cheese.

          1. You can put slivers of salami in a bean salad. I make mine using one can of white beans (rinsed and drained), cherry tomatoes, chopped sweet onion OR parsley,in a vinagrette dressing.

            1. I adore cream cheese or nufschatel with salami.

              1. If you make your own pizza, use it like pepperoni.

                1. I know exactly the sausage you're talking about- Dense with a warm garlicky paprika flavor- I fully endorse all of the provolone suggestions below, but would suggest an aged provolone and some funk- taleggio, robiola, Crave Bros. Petit Frere, or go for broke and go for german tilsit, even limburger!

                  As for additional allocations, chop it fine and throw it into a paella-style rice dish, or slice it into 1/8" quarters and sweat out the yummy fat for sauteing mushrooms, then use the crisped sausage pieces as a garnish for salad!