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Apr 12, 2013 09:45 AM

All Clad D5 vs Master Chef 2 12 inch

I'm going to be getting a 12 inch skillet, and the options that look best to me are either All Clad's D5, or Master Chef 2. I was wondering if there was any real advantage in the D5, or enough of one to justify the price difference. I'd be getting the D5 from the cheap all clad place for 135$, and the MC 2 from Amazon for about 110$. Which ever I buy will be run through the dishwasher, and I understand that will make the master chef all ugly, but I really don't care as long as there is no damage.

Any input would be appreciated, thanks.

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  1. I belive the d/w constraint is merely cosmetic, as you say.

    I have some MC2, and it is excellent cookware. There is lots of aluminum to spread the heat around, and a SS lining for a clean cooking surface, and nothing for merely cosmetic reasons.

    Exterior SS is cosmetic. There is no other benefit that I am aware of. The D5 design is supposed to compensate for the limitations of a tri-ply design, which has less aluminum and more SS than the MC2 design, but at less cost than copper core.

    If you don't care about cosmetics, why would you want SS-clad exterior?

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      Thanks for the reply.

      I really wasn't aware that the only purpose of the outer SS layer was cosmetic, thats why I asked :) And I kind of wondered if there was something about the layers that let the D5 pan have better heat retention, cook more evenly, or something like that.

      Just to confirm, the outer aluminum layer isn't actually getting damaged or badly etched out in the dishwasher? I'd like it to last for a goodly number of years.

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        You should ask the manufacturer whether any damage would be merely cosmetic. I always wash my MC2 by hand, but I also wash my LTD2 by hand, and it is supposedly dishwasher-safe. It's just easier to clean most of my pans by hand.

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          Thanks, thats not a bad idea. I think I'll just get the MC 2, if things go bad I'll just use the sink.

    2. I've seen MC in the store and don't like the looks of it, but I'm into shiny. Tri-ply is recommended for dishwasher use. The D5 is heavier, maybe a minor improvement over the tri-ply. Is there some reason you don't want the SS tri-ply? Several online stores are still offering the 12" skillet with lid for $99.00.

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        Yeah, the D5 is the newer, supposedly better version of the triple ply. I figure if I'm going to go that route I'll just get the better one for a bit more money,

      2. I buy the SS AC so that I can dishwasher them.

        1. I think (check before you buy) that D5 has a curved lip, which minimizes drips when pouring liquids. Without this, as on Master Chef, you have to wipe off the dripping edge *every*single*time*---which could be annoying.

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            It is true that the MC2 saucepan has just a plain rim, which is somewhat sharp at the edges, by the way. Not made for tidy pouring.

          2. I got 2 pieces of D5 in (fry & saute) the past year. My impression is still that they're pretty heavy and pretty slow responding to changes in heat, but are suppose to be better in evenness across the pan. I hope to get an MC2 piece this year to try out and compare.