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Apr 12, 2013 09:25 AM

Spring is Here really!

I know that the recent (and impending) dumps of snow on our city have brought more than a few of us chowhounds down. Despite really liking cold weather comfort food I'm itching to get at some of those spring flavours and ingredients that are popping at the markets.
Yesterday I bought some really gorgeous looking artichokes from Calgary Farmer's Market and we had them in the traditional manner alongside some crispy skinned pan fried chicken thighs and a tomato goat cheese tart. It satisfied my craving for spring..for the moment.
I'd like to know (if there are any other chowhounds still reading this forum) what sort of spring flavours you are looking forward to or have already indulged in?

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  1. Waiting for scapes, fiddleheads, morels , asparagus....

    Oh, and no more bloody sub-zero nights so planting can begin!!!

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    1. re: Scary Bill

      Do you go morel hunting Scary Bill? I would love to go out but I'd like to find a group based out of Calgary. I did find a group but their first hunt is at Ministik and we'll be in France :) Probably eating morels...

      1. re: gardengorilla

        Looked into going once, but never followed through. I'll be looking in the usual markets.

        Enjoy France, I'm somewhat envious, but only somewhat as we're planning on going in the fall.

        Have a few cannel├ęs de bordeaux, and avoid the Andouillette at all costs! And pay a visit to E. Dehillerin for some interesting kitchen supplies.

        1. re: Scary Bill

          oooo, will do :) Hubby and kids are looking forward to crossaints every morning and cheese. I'm looking forward to the Belgian portion of the!
          that store sounds interesting. I may have to bring an extra suitcase...

        2. re: gardengorilla

          Our golden morels in Calgary are typically out about early-mid May depending on how wet and cool it is. We had a great morel season two years ago with the wet spring but last year it was much slimmer.

          Looking forward to seeing what this spring holds. This was my haul from two years ago :)

          1. re: slingshotz

            need a sidekick/packmule this year? :)
            those are awesome!! and the oysters too?

      2. Any ramps available already ?

        1. What do you consider "the traditional manner"? That was a running joke in John Hodgman's The Areas of My Expertise. Unbearably hilarious book btw (sorry for the OT)

          I'm looking forward to strawberries, and am off to Germany next month so I'll be eating white asparagus until it comes out my ears.

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          1. re: plateofshrimp

            Steamed stove top with lemon and white wine. Eaten leaf by leaf at the the table with lemon butter for dipping.

            1. re: plateofshrimp

              Oh yum Spargel. We were in Germany this time last year. The white asparagus was a highlight for me. Wish we coud get something close in quality to that. I wonder if I could grow it?

              1. re: cleopatra999

                I am pretty sure you can grow it. It is similar (same?) as green asparagus. You just need to hill it to keep it white. I would love to try this some time.

                (Just looked on wikipedia and it seems like it is the same as the green just hilled)

            2. Just got in from feeding my cowherd (grass fed beef) & with a wind blowing hard out of the northwest & 4 inches of snow on the ground I can`t really think of Spring flavors tho` I`d like to.
              So it`s "shepherd`s pie" for dinner tonite & a warm cozy fire.
              Good post tho`!

              1. Spring time means hardwood charcoal grillin' for this guy. Before the last couple of snow dumps I managed to smoke some St. Louis style ribs with applewood and some JD oak barrel chips. I also managed to to grill a thick bone in rib-eye on some South American hardwood and enjoyed it sliced with some chimi-churri.

                I'm looking forward to eating a half decent tomato and plenty of young asparagus some time in the near future....

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                1. re: johnjohnson78

                  the one for me is asparagus. It is the first real local veggie I can get. And much to my DH's chagrin, I buy it by the case, making a trip out to Creston for it!