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Apr 12, 2013 09:21 AM

Another Post Resurrection Avoidance Suggestion-- visually age threads by start date

The way I understand CH's "color code" right now--

Thread that is new To ME--
title is bold

Thread I have read completely--
title is Not Bold, and the background bar behind the title is gray

Thread I have read, that has posts I have Not read:
title is bold, small blue dot to the left of the title

There may be a few other combinations I'm overlooking.

So, here are two suggestions that are NOT based upon the individual reader that indicate When a thread was Created--

1) when a post was Created 24 months ago, the title is Not Bold; thus all "fairly current" posts retain a bold title. Posts that are old, Even If I Have Not Read Them and Even If They Have A Very Recent Reply, do not have bold titles

2) when a post was Created Within the last 24 months, the title bar background is a new colour-- say, light blue since the site already uses blue as an indicator color? Thus all "fairly current" posts retain a bold title and have a visual cue that they are "fairly current." Posts that are old, If I Have Not Read Them and Even If They Have A Very Recent Reply, have white backgrounds.

Perhaps, also, CH would like to change my suggested 24 month range to a much narrower 6 months, so last years' NYD CNY Easter July 4 etc threads would not be revived as the date approaches this year.

One HUGE advantage of this approach would be that mobile users would know about the age of a thread. Currently, when on a mobile platform, the Creation Date is not displayed.

Thanks for listening. I know ~I~ resurrect something about posting on oldddddd threads every year or so... and I'd say I accidentally bring a 4 year old, 6 year old, ancient thread to the top with a comment about once a month.
It's embarrassing...

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  1. For me, if there's a new post in a thread, regardless of when the thread was started, I want it treated the same as a new thread started yesterday. Why not? Consider also that to a new member, all threads are new, no matter what their dates.

    Some threads are outdated and should only be revived if the new poster is going to bring them up to date. Others are more or less timeless. I doubt the Chowhound software can be tweaked to distinguish between the two, or evaluate whether the new post is substantial or not. Only when the software can read my mind, should it anticipate which threads and messages I may want to read.

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    1. re: John Francis

      I'm not advocating that posts be removed, reshuffled, or or-ordered. Just that older ones have an easy identifier.

      What I'm primarily advocating is a way to avoid posters commenting on threads that are 4 years old. Some posters might think twice about what they were going to say and IF they are going to post.