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Nov 15, 2001 01:36 PM

Presidents Bush & Putin BBQ in Crawford

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Vladimir Putin was raving about the Q served up on President Bush's ranch near Crawford. Anyone know who catered? Also, who was the western swing band?

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  1. No, but here's the menu in case you missed it:

    per the Washington Post, the menu is:
    The menu, in addition to the grilled sourdough bread, will be a celebration of southern and Tex-Mex cuisine: guacamole salad, mesqu ite-smoked peppered beef tenderloin, southern fried catfish, fire-roasted potatoes with poblano peppers, old-fashioned green beans, Texas onion butter with cornbread muffins, and pecan pie with vanilla ice cream.

    There was no report of a vegetarian option.

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      The caterer is Tom Perini of Perini Ranch Steakhouse in Buffalo Gap, Texas. It's not far from Abeline and it is fantastic. His beef tenderloin is the finest smoked beef I have ever tasted.


    2. the swing band is called "doppelganger." my friend booked them for her wedding in april--GREAT sound. based in austin, i think?