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Apr 12, 2013 08:23 AM

Best Current Chinatown Banquet Place

I have a bunch of friends in town and am looking for the current champ when it comes to Chinatown banquet style places. I have enjoyed OG and Fuleen in the past but have not been in probably over a year. Looking for fresh seafood especially.


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  1. I always find Oriental Garden reliable and went again for my birthday in February. Everyone was pleased. We didn't concentrate particularly on seafood but did have a fish dish, scallops, and shrimp among other dishes.

    Whether they're the best in Chinatown, though, I couldn't be sure.

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    1. re: Pan

      Ended up at Fuleen and it was very good as usual. Had Snails in black bean sauce--Nicely done, I like the black bean sauce with the snails.

      Lobster x/o--I like their version best in Chinatown, this was excellent as usual

      Steamed black bass w ginger and scallion--Very fresh tasting fish, a nice contrast to the other dishes.

      Peking pork chops--A guilty pleasure of mine.

      Pea Shoots w garlic--solid

      Dungeness Crab Harbor Style--First time I tried it this way, very flavorful but did not overwhelm the frest sweet crab,

      Some braised chicken dish which was kind of a dud.

      Good meal, everyone was pleased.

      1. re: MVNYC

        Was the atmosphere warm and welcoming? That has always been my problem with Fuleen for Banquets are any large groups. I usually go to Congee Village for banquets.

        1. re: swannee

          Was it warm and welcoming? Well I wouldn't say thats the vibe here, it is more about the food. The waiters were perfectly competant and the decor leaves something to be desired but it was a good experience and a good meal.

          It worked well for a group of college friends. Also they let you bring in wine which is nice. I suppose wine and old friends improve any atmosphere.