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Apr 12, 2013 07:29 AM

Staten Island - Whats up?

Whats new and exciting on the island of Staten?

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  1. Well, I'm in Staten Island, and tonight I made a very nice Chinese soup with shiitakes and a couple of other mushrooms, plus snow peas, tofu and bok choy. (I'd made a trip out to the big Asian market on the west shore.)

    But I think you are probably thinking of commercial establishments. I have also complained on this board about the lack of commentary on SI places. Geez, I may have to open a restaurant!

    I like the new Honor Wines store in St. George near the ferry. A more serious wine collection than your average bottle shop.

    I could suggest restaurants, but they're not new, having been written about here before. Like you, I'm anxious to hear about the new and the good.

    As usual, the default cuisine is Italian, but the good news is that there are always new Italian places opening, and there are worse default cuisines to be had. And there is healthy competition among them to create interesting dishes.

    Tried Fiesta Poblana on Corson the other night, for take-out. It was quite decent, but not earth-shaking. I had enchiladas with mole sauce. My SO was content with the tacos de carnitas.

    Very much liked the pizzas at Pizzeria Giove in New Dorp. A recent dinner at Bin 5 was very nice. And I always like Vida.

    Wish I had more to offer, but we don't eat out much. I'd kill for a great breakfast/brunch place that thought outside the box!

    1. Thanks comestible, for saving the dreaded {Crickets Chirping} reply or delaying it further at least.

      Like you I also wish for a decent breakfast place. Something you can get just about on every corner in the city. We mostly eat in Manhattan or Brooklyn but on occasion its nice to grab a bite closer to home.

      Love Vida, love Bayou and Beso. Havent been to Blue yet and the mixed reviews I'm getting are not making me jump.

      I haven't been and cant go to any Italian here not named Enoteca Maria in years, although last time I wished I had a different nona. We do just about all our Italian in Manhattan (Scarpetta again tonight)

      As for Pizza, still enjoying the usual suspects from time to time. Got a takeout from Giove which we enjoyed.

      Would be nice to have a decent Szechuan around or some new Indian. Really enjoying the Sri Lankan spots tho like Sanrasa and Lakruwana

      One new and very refreshing spot for me was Holy Shnitzel on Nome. Its not new but I always avoided it due to the name. Surprisingly good falafel and other goodies.

      Anyway, not sure what I'm missing. Hoping more SI folks will comment

      1. Hey, Ziggy, I stopped in at Rick's Cafe' in Stapleton yesterday (not for dinner though) and learned that when the weather gets a bit warmer, there will be a Sunday brunch. I know Sunday brunches can be iffy, but I've heard good things about the chef here.

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          Cool, thanks. Havent eaten there yet but ate at Aesop's a few times

          1. re: Ziggy41

            Wandered into this thread after a long absence. There was a "restaurant crawl" which was a great deal a couple of months ago. A couple of dozen North Shore restaurants participated; you paid a measly $10 and you could sample (limited) dishes at any or all of them that afternoon! You can't beat that.

            Among others we tried Blue's for the first time and liked it a great deal. The "crawl" offering was just appetizers, but they were very tasty. I will certainly be going back again.

            Da Noi was disappointin -- odd because it has been praised here on CH. Wazobia (African) in Stapleton was interesting but not the best menu for a vegetarian like myself. The former Rick's Cafe' is now Gatsby's, and the food samples offered there were nice but probably not representative. Beso was good, for sure. These are just a few we visited.

            Look out for the restaurant crawl next year. It was amazingly popular; they ran out of tickets.

        2. Comestible

          I live in Brooklyn and have friends in Staten Island so we often eat there. I have to agree with you on Blu and Beso. They are both owned by the same person. He also owns Bayou, all three very good. Did not like Da Noi either.

          1. Sorry to spoil the party but Blue was probably the worst meal of the year for us.

            We havent had many good meals in SI lately with the exception of Lakruwana perhaps, tho we mostly eat in the city or in Brooklyn.