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Apr 12, 2013 07:00 AM

fine dining in the Arboretum area

I'm familiar with Eddie V's and Truluck's and all the restaurants in the Domain. I am wondering if there are any other unique dining destinations in the area near 183 and 360 to take a foodie from out of town who scoffs at the idea of eating at a chain like Brio's or Caraba's. Is there anything fun and unique that you can recommend?

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    1. Tomodachi sushi isn't exactly what you'd call fine dining... more of the busy/energetic/sleek/hip vibe that a lot of sushi bars have, but the sushi is excellent. Some of the best in the city IMHO, especially for the price.

      1. FWIW, I have never had a bad meal at Carrabba's. They are not an Olive Garden type. In fact, some of their dishes (mussels appetizer, sirloin marsala) are worth driving across town for.

        1. Roaring Fork on Quarry Lake is a nice spot for dinner. Not exactly foodie territory, but it usually is decent, and it's a great place to enjoy good weather days.

          You could to the Estancia Brazilian steakhouse in the Arboretum for something different.

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            Had a birthday dinner there, got a burned sandwich and bad service for my trouble. WIll never return. While their Sunday brunch is underwhelming I actually like the food at Iron Cactus. Not exactly fine dining though. Honestly I'd venture a little father and go to Spin Modern Thai.

            1. re: Rptrane

              It is much farther up 183 at Lakeline, but I also recommend Spin if you want something tasty and unique.

          2. Not sure it qualifies as "fine dining," but I always enjoy my meals at NXNW.