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Apr 12, 2013 06:53 AM

Durable Coffee bean grinder ?

Since Christmas 2011 I've burnt out 3 bean grinders. They were all brand names, Cuisinart etc. They all cost around $50. Professional models, besides having capacities of several pounds, cost $300 and up, way up.
Does anyone know of a reliable reasonable cost ($100) grinder that night last ?

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  1. I currently use a Breville Smart Grinder that I like a lot, but at $200 probably not for you. Here's a giant list of grinder reviews put out by the folks at CoffeeGeek. I hope it helps you in your quest.

    1. My #1 recommendation is ALWAYS a Baratza 'refurb' grinder. I bought one for my dad for Xmas several years ago (the current 'Encore' version) & it's been flawless. I got the chance to use it about 3 months after he got it, & it worked just like brand new! And as a factory refurb, they all come with a 6 month warranty.

      There's a couple of good refurb selections right now, but if you miss them just keep checking their website for new refurb units.

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        1. I had a Capresso grinder for four years. It was fine but always made a mess. I bought a Rancillo Rocky three months ago and wished I bought that in the first place - it is so much better. It is over four times more expensive though.

          I have the doserless model so I only grind what I need for what I'm making at that moment. It was too much of a hassle to try to do that with the Capresso.

        2. I have had this one for two two years or so.

          I always felt it was good bargain, (but I got mine at Costco for about $50.


          Still working great.

          1. I assume, by the price, these are burr grinders, not whirlyblades.

            By "burnt out", do you mean you've literally burned out the motors? How often do you use a coffee grinder? How much coffee do you grind at a time, and how finely?

            Those $50 burr grinders aren't really meant for much use. I seem to recall they are all the same grinder, made in a Chinese factory and rebadged for the customer.

            A Capresso Infinity or a better Baratza, as already suggested, are both significant improvements over those $50 cheapos.

            And, if you're really hard on grinders, a commercial grinder, though expensive at the outset, actually may be your least expensive choice over time. I got a Mazzer Mini almost ten years ago, and it shows little, if any, signs of wear, despite daily use.

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              Mazzer makes a great grinder, but at over $600, it's a tad more than the OP is looking to spend.

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                My Solis Maestro Plus finally bit the dust. I can try to repair it, the parts are cheap but not every part Baratza list for the Solis fit like the original Solis parts. In the mean time I'm using my Mazzer Mini which I purchased about the same time you got yours. Good deal too, $380 with a case of Illy espresso coffee which I sold

                To the OP I've used my Solis/now Baratza for over 10 yrs. Excellent grinders for the price and wouldn't hesitate to buy a refurb. In fact, that's what I just might do. My wife hates using the Mazzer with doser but she's getting use to it.