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Apr 12, 2013 06:45 AM

East Fishkill Provisions

Two locations in Hopewell Junction, ribs, wings, pork, house-made German cold cuts & hotdogs......... I never miss this place if I'm in the area! The older location is up on the hill at the intersection of rt 376 & rt 52 south side. The newer of the the two locations is on Old Hopewell Rd right at the intersection of rt 82.

The newer store has been there for a long time and is the location for wings, you might want to call ahead to see if they have them on the menu that day or what days they're on the menu. Best bologna anywhere!!!

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  1. I love it there too! I never get to go and we get the lunch specials faxed to our office daily and we get so sad that they are just too far to drive to during the work day.

    I am going to have to make a point to go for lunch soon now that it is so nice out! Their mac n cheese is soo good!

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      I drive over from Danbury, have been eating their food for 50 years!!

    2. I work one minute away from the location on the hill, and pass the other location on my way home from work. I haven't tried their wings - will have to do so! Lately I'm loving their fish sandwich. A couple of months back I had a sandwich with smoked roast beef and it was delicious.

      In the same area, I also love S&J's in Hopewell on 52, which is an Italian deli.

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        I haven't tried S&J's can't get past East Fishkill P! ;) I used to have a roadside bbq on rte 55 until the 2008 recession and the business dropped off, did you ever visit us? If you did, please don't mention the name of our business, don't want it to look like we're self promoting on this forum, but would love to hear from any old food friends!

        1. re: billbechamel

          Where on Route 55? I visited one once near the carwash in Poughquag? (Not sure if that's the right town.) But I think they still have a catering business, so probably not the same?