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Samsung Range: Induction stove and Flex-Duo Oven - Your Pros/Cons Please!

We're buying a new range for our kitchen. Due to size restrictions, it needs to be standard range size (30") and ideally I would love a double oven. We're also very interested in induction stoves.

The Samsung makes a Flex-Duo range (with induction stove).

Do you have one or have you tried one? How do you find it? Does it really give you the flexibility of two ovens?

Are you an avid baker? Have you tried this oven? What have you baked? What are your findings? Pros? Cons?

And any general comments on Samsung as a whole are welcome.

Do you have Samsung appliances and if so, what has service been like for you? (Am looking for Canada service feedback and Toronto in particular). Thanks!

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  1. I don't have what you're looking at but I've bought two Samsung induction top/convection oven, warming drawer, 30" in the last few years (two homes) and love them. I've had no service problems so can't address that. I also have a Samsung freezer on the bottom fridge and a Samsung MW/convection which was my compromise for the double oven.


    Though over the range, I use them on one of those big, stainless steel shelving units like Costco sells.

    I highly recommend.

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    1. Rosie:

      I know a little about Samsung induction stoves from stove shopping last fall.

      The one with the "flex duo" oven is the NE599NOPSR. This is only available on your side of the border, btw. The "flex duo" design, as I understand it, allows you to partition the large oven into two compartments and run them at separate baking temperatures. There is a current thread oven on gardenweb starting a review of this stove. I asked last night about the partitioning and have not heard back yet. The stove was just purchased so the OP might not yet have had time to check out this function. Maybe we will her from him soon, Here's the link to that discussion if you want to check on it:


      Sears Canada apparently has or just had the NE599 discounted to $1899 ($CN).

      The ones available on this side of the border are the NE597NOPBSR and NE595NOPSR. Neither of them have the flex duo oven but the NE597 does have the flex zone burner combo. This allows you to link the two, square burners on the left side so that they run as a large, 9"x18" burner for pancake griddles, Other than that, the biggest difference between the NE599 and NE597 is that the 599 has a divisible oven space while the 597 uses a three-fan convection large system. pans and etc. I looked pretty hard at getting the 597 and almost bought one. I did a write up of my research last October in this thread at gardenweb:


      The NE595NOPSR has a more conventional layout and is a more basic induction stove. It replaces the previous Samsung induction model, the FE307. There are some writeups of the FE307. FWIW, Consumer Reports thinks the NE595 and FE307 do an excellent job at baking.

      There does not seem to be much information on Samsung service and warranty support. It is new to the North American market and has had issues with service and support on other products like fridges. Seems like people are pleased generally and the defect rates are not out of line with other makers, but a significant number of those who have needed service have been driven to vitriolic postings, which may tell you something.

      You could explore warranty issues and complaints at www.ConsumerAffairs.com.

      I have seen, but cannot currently locate, several postings about some fit and finish issues with the NE599. IIRC, the complaints seemed to be mostly about the traim around the control panel on the backsplash.

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      1. re: JWVideo

        Awesome post. Thanks for all the info. I have some serious reading in my future. Thanks. Finding the perfect oven for an avid baker like myself as well as the flexibility I want is a tall order.

        Also, regarding appliance service/customer service... According to consumer and expert ratings, LG (Korean) have really good products, but when you dig into their service, and when you need parts etc, they are horrific. I am cautious with Samsung as it seems Korean manufacturers don't stock parts in North America making service and part requests a many month wait.

      2. Whatever you get, purchase the extended warranty. Any thing byond a fuse is a power unit for two burner areas,$$$$$$$$$$$$$

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        1. re: subal

          I think that's more like one's comfort level.

        2. I am looking to buy this range too...but as a slide in.

          It was really hard to find it in the US (they seem to be more available in Canada.) Finally, Samsung responded: they said there were 54 in the US and Home Depot could order it for me...success! I've read many reviews and people seem to just love the dual oven (which seems to work very well) and the induction cook top.

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          1. re: Skeezix

            Update from Skeezix. Email from Samsung: The Samsung induction range (slide in) with Flex Duo oven is not available..however, a freestanding one may be available. Check out Samsung site.

            1. re: Skeezix

              We ended up buying the KitchenAid double oven. We got an amazing price and it is what I originally wanted. Not installed yet... We're still renovating. But can't wait!

              1. re: InRosiesKitchen

                Is it an induction? I'm going to check KitchenAid out too.

                1. re: Skeezix

                  Just so's ya know :) I have a freestanding but it's in a place where a slide-in could go. It's up against a wall so I don't have a problem with some of the controls being back there.

                  1. re: c oliver

                    Give us a review of your new stove please! I'd love to hear what you think of it.

                    1. re: Skeezix

                      Oh, sorry, I don't have anything like you want :( I have a Samsung with induction cooktop and convection oven, with warming drawer. I've used it for several years and couldn't be more pleased. Pretty much this:


                      1. re: c oliver

                        I'd really like to hear what you think of induction cooking.

                        1. re: Skeezix

                          Rather than reheat all my leftovers, here's a bunch of threads. I will add that I recently told someone, in ALL seriousness, that if someone offered me the highest end gas top and $1k, I'd turn them down. That's how sold I am on the technology.


                  2. re: Skeezix

                    Not induction. We have an induction single element which we purchased as a separate piece. Live it for some things - quick boiling and good with liquids or things with a lot of liquid.

                    1. re: InRosiesKitchen

                      That's exactly what I'm going to do first...by a single element to see if I like it before spending mega bucks on induction.

            2. Did you make a decision? If so what did you buy?

              We are planning a move within about 2 years. I have decided that I must have an induction cooktop. At the moment I have a GE Monogram 5 burner gas cooktop and I have a single Fagor induction burner. I find myself using the induction burner for almost everything. My only issue has been cooking rice. I cannot get the timing right. A friend who has an induction range was over for dinner last night and I mentioned my rice issue and she said she always makes her rice in the oven. Duh! I'd forgotten about that.

              The ovens I am jonesing for are made by Kitchen Aid. They are wall ovens that have both convection and a steam function. Both my husband I bake. He does a lot of breads I do more pastry. The steam function would be great for him. I want two ovens because we need his ans hers. In the new store I was assisting in getting the demo kitchen and housewares dept set up and getting it running, I had 4 of those KA ovens. They are also full sized not the smaller usual wall ovens.

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              1. re: Candy

                Oh, god, we bought a house once with a TINY wall oven. It could barely hold a medium pizza! Replaced the cooktop with a range. Problem (mostly) solved.

              2. I have a GE induction 30" slide-in (also available free-standing) which I've been absolutely delighted with. It has a sort of dual oven, but really that's just one VERY large main oven and a secondary warming oven that's basically just a slide-out drawer at the bottom. What I also have, though, is a full-sized Breville Smart Oven, a kind of toaster oven on steroids. It has the largest capacity of anything of its type I've seen (holds a 12" pizza pan, for example), has convection, and has been my go-to oven for anything that fits in it. I'll often bake a side dish in it while roasting something large in the main oven, or even do the main course in it if I'm cooking for just one or two. Makes good toast, too.

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                1. re: BobB

                  Can't remember if I mentioned it here, but I have a Samsung MW/convection that I use as you do. It's huge! Used it just last night when two of the dishes for dinner required diff temps and I didn't want to meet in the middle. That oven saved my having to completely redo the kitchen in order to add a second one.

                  1. re: c oliver

                    Here's the oven I was trying to find, which Samsung says is not available. I though I was going crazy because I knew I saw it somewhere. Now I realize that it's a PROTOTYPE...not available to the public. I have sent them another email asking if it is.

                    1. re: Skeezix

                      Maybe they'd like you to take that prototype off their hands. Cheap!

                      1. re: Skeezix

                        What a minute!!! That range has knobs. I didn't know induction cooktops had knobs. ???

                        1. re: c oliver

                          If I remember the article correctly, knobs were seen as a plus---very easy to use. But again, I think it's just a prototype.

                          1. re: Skeezix

                            For me, having cooked only on induction for about three years, I'd consider them a minus. But that's a subject for a different thread :)

                  2. Hi,

                    I have this range. I do like the oven, we use the top, smaller one all the time, it's convection only. The bottom is large and I've used it for baking, non-convection mode. It didn't brown on top as well but perhaps I need to change the rack position? Or the divider (top) doesn't get as hot?

                    The induction top is easy to keep clean and mostly works as advertised. If you try to use two burners on the Boost heat though it will automatically reduce the temp. on one. Also after 18 months, we'd had to have the left burners replaced, they just quit. Now the back burner on the right is not working properly. I would advise extended warranty, really extended! I think this new technology is great but maybe not quite proven yet.

                    The steam clean is so-so but the self-clean feature worked fine.

                    The top burners interfere with the nearby stereo tuner, making it squeal.

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                    1. re: ImTheCook

                      Sorry, but not sure I followed which range you are talking about when you talk about top and bottom ovens. It sounded from the description as though there might be a Samsung induction range with twin ovens each with its own door as on the KItchenaid/Whirlpool/Maytag twin oven induction ranges. But maybe the flex panel for NE599NOPBSR model divides the oven into compartments of unequal size? This is not criticism, just curiosity.

                      1. re: JWVideo

                        Hi JW,

                        Samsung makes an induction range with a "Flex Duo" oven for Canada that isn't two discrete ovens as the doubles we have in the US are. It has a single oven with a divider that you can use to separate it into two ovens.


                        ETA - I see the new Chef series induction range from Samsung has the Flex Duo oven for the US market. And it's a slide-in.

                      2. re: ImTheCook

                        i have purchased the chef series and am looking forward to have them install in my new kitchen.

                        i have been reading lots of post about this samsung chef induction and have a high expectation for this range. at the same time, worried as not too many individual review for it yet.

                        please share more if you have the induction range from the chef collection.

                        thank you