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Apr 12, 2013 06:08 AM

Beer and decent food in Charlottesville

I'm a little late posting. Looking for something for tonight - doesn't have to be a pub/brewpub, just a good selection on tap (local would be nice) with better-than-average food. We've been to Miller's, but I'd like to step it up in terms of food.

I'm specifically interested in beer because we're going to the Monticello Wine Festival tomorrow and I know I will be wined out! Have reservations for Glass Haus tomorrow, so something more low-key would be great. We'd really like to ditch the car, so walkable from the mall. Btw, I did a search, but anything related to beer involved a car.


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  1. I don't think anyone who knows Cville would recommend eating at Miller's :) though for drinks it's a local institution!

    Might be too late now, but good food with good beer selection downtown: Whiskey Jar would be my #1 suggestion, open for lunch and dinner. Citizen Burger has a good beer list, though I think the burgers are better a few doors down at Positively 4th Street, which has very good food and always has local beers just not as many options. South Street Brewery is 1 block from the Mall and the food is decent. Skybar, Blue Light, Zocalo all have better than average food and 6-8 good beers on tap at a time.

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      Thanks, mojoeater - I've filed these away for next time. We ended up at Bang!, more out of convenience. No taps, but I did not complain about my bottle of Little Sumpin' Sumpin'. The food was good, particularly a rockfish special they were offering - fresh and cooked perfectly, on a bed of broccoli rabe. Another special of "Southern Fried Tofu" had an addictive chili sauce. Between the food, service, and sitting outside, we were pretty happy.