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Apr 12, 2013 05:46 AM

Montréal's Baguettes...

The Gazette's via Lesley Chesterman and James MacGuire did a review of the baguettes in and around Montréal...

top 3 : Joe La Croute, Guillaume and La Petite Boulangerie.

The big houses, première moisson and pain dorée also did well .

Munch away.

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  1. Sidebar article here

    Written by James MaCguire who was the person enlisted to give Chesterman credibility. And buried at the bottom is this telling quote "You must bear in mind that baguettes are such a balancing act that on another day, the results of the taste test might have been very different."

    1. Wow, you guys are quick, I was just about to post about this. My tops are; Dans les Voiles, Joe La Croute, Clafoutis, Bete a Pain, Guillaume, Premiere Moisson.

      1. and once again the west part of Montreal is completely ignored.....
        Patisserie de Nancy on monkland is my all time favourite by far

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          I agree. I like Patisserie de la Gare in Montreal West and Banette on Sherbrooke West too. Downtown-wise I like the bakery's baguettes at Mont Royal and St. Urbain.