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Apr 12, 2013 02:07 AM

Best Chinese and Thai in Amsterdam

I'm compiling a list of restaurant recommendations for guests in the hotel where I work. Unfortunately, I'm not happy with our Thai and Chinese recommendations (Nam Kee and Snackbar Bird).

Anyone have recommendations in these categories? I've been to a few Chinese restaurants in the center, but none that I'd really want to direct visitors to.

And as thanks, I'll post the full list when it's done :)

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  1. Wow, that's really interesting. I've been visiting Amsterdam for most of my adult life, and *always* recommend the Thaise Snackbar Bird (which yet has to disappoint me) to other people, and on my most recent trip, I finally had a chance to check out Nam Kee. While certainly not a mind-blowing experience, the steamed oysters with black bean sauce would have me return any time I'm back in town. Seriously. I also thought their roast pork was pretty damn good.

    I'd actually love to hear which restaurants you (or others) prefer... if any, since it sounds like you yourself don't know any better ones.

    1. I think the best are: White Elephant (van woustraat) for Thai (real dining & more expensive), Sogkran (marnixstr)and if you want it more young & hip Takethai (utrechtsestraat) for chinese New Season (warmoesstr) or Taste of Culture (korte leidsedwstr) the last one is where all the chefs go after their service