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Apr 11, 2013 09:32 PM

Birthday Dinner

I'm sure this question has been asked so many times but are there any (new or old) recommendations for a suprise b'day dinner for two. To make it that much harder, one is a foodie and the other is a fussy, pescatarian.
Thanks in advance!

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  1. Does the pescatarian eat shellfish and crustaceans?

    Can you describe a little more about their fussiness?

    When is this dinner?

    How much do you want to pay, per person, before tax, tip, and any wine/drinks?

      1. Thanks re: Le Bernadin but we did that one. Was great!

        Kathryn, pescatarian eats no shellfish. Price not a problem. Looking for not too loud but buzzy and romantic. italian or Greek, I guess


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            Oceana is my favorite seafood restaurant. The same people also own Molyvos, a Greek restaurant that I have not been to, but if it's on the level of Oceana should be great. Not sure if these would qualify as romantic, depends on your definition.

          2. Marea or Le Bernardin. Both fit the bill.
            But then you probably already knew that!

            1. Any good higher-end restaurant (besides, like, a steakhouse) is going to have options for a pescetarian. The only thing making the request hard is narrowing it down from the 1,000 options available.

              If it's mid-May you'll want to make a rez now, especially if it's a weekend.

              I'm not AS big a fan of Marea as some others - I like it, but found the secondi lacking.

              Other Italian options, at the higher end:
              Del Posto
              Babbo (I don't find them loud, but some do...)

              Some non-Italian ideas:
              Blue Hill
              The Modern
              The NoMad (can be on the louder side)