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Apr 11, 2013 08:00 PM

Anyone tried Prime Roast Beef and Brick Oven Pizza on 114 Danvers?

Keep driving by and wondering so looked it up. Pizza is organic, with a lot of creative choices for pizza and salads and pretty much all great reviews on Yelp, saying best roast beef sandwich on North Shore, so wondering what the CHers think...

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  1. No idea. But that guy that is on Flipping Boston is a part owner of Prime so it's getting quite a bit of publicity.

    I live in the area, but stay closer to home for a roast beef sandwich since there are three places that have them in my area.

    Let us know if you try it.

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    1. re: marilu

      I have never seen Flipping Boston so I looked it up and saw that the guy owns a place called Petes A Place. Does he also own Prime? So now that creates the question of how is Petes A Place?

      1. re: chompie

        Petes A Place has been around a long time and is a very good neighborhood pizza and sub shop.
        What can you say about a good pizza and sub shop. Just about every major city has a couple good options for pizza and subs, and for people who live in the area it's an good choice.
        I wouldn't drive from Danvers to Peabody to visit Petes A Place, but if I lived in Peabody it would be one of my options.

    2. I live not too far from here and get there on a regular basis. I'm not a connoisseur of sandwiches but I really enjoy theirs. A good amount of roast beef with lots of different toppingsto choose from. My only issue is that when I order it "three way" (cheese, BBQ, and mayo) they use too much mayo but they are happy to cut back if you ask. Their fries are always crispy and the baskets come with lots of fries and onion rings...enough that we generally just order one basket and split the fries amongst my husband and I.

      I only had their pizzas once. I don't remember what i ordered, but remember it was good. Crispy crust and good toppings. They have a nice salad selection as well.

      My kids generally have the chicken strips or the grilled cheese and they day both.

      In summary, I think it's worth visiting. Afterwards you can go to the yogurt bar next door for dessert...

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      1. re: Ladycale

        thanks for the info! what style are there onion rings?

        1. re: chompie

          Honestly, I'm not sure. I'm not a super onion ring fan, so I nibble on them but don't pay attention really. There's a picture of them in the photo album of their Facebook page if that helps... ( uploaded so you don't have to hunt for it...)

          1. re: Ladycale

            thanks for the pic! I just don't like them when they break your teeth, or have rubbery onion in them. Its funny with onion rings, how much opinion people have.. I posted to ask CHers what type of rings they like and I think over 70 people got into a really heated discussion instantly!