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Apr 11, 2013 07:09 PM

Thalipeeth at Samosa House

If you're interested in comparatively rare regional Indian cooking, Samosa House is now making fresh thalipeeth.

Thalipeeth is a Maharashtrian pancake made from coarsely ground black lentils, roasted chickpeas, wheat, rice, onion, and spices. It is fried into something that vaguely resembles a large, thin, latke.

At Samosa House they're serving it with a garnish of chopped onions, special hot chutney, and a bowl of raita,

One order (two plate sized pancakes) makes a decent light meal, or heavy snack.

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  1. I hit Samosa House every so often. Did they just recently add this to their menu, to your knowledge? And which of the two locations was offering it?

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      They've been making it at the original (West) location for a few months. They have a new(ish) chef and are offering regional thalis and other unusual specialties like thalipeeth on a separate menu.