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Apr 11, 2013 06:42 PM

do you guys like Newport Seafood, or rather Tan Cang ?

Their lobster house special style is not what I remembered it being. The sauteed lobster used to knock you out with the pungency of the strong flavors, but it seemed to mutate a little since the dining hall moved to a new location a few years back.

Where would you go nowadays for this type of lobster dish ?

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  1. You're actually correct, they use less spice/seasonings than they used to, and i knew it for a fact because i always use the leftovers to make lobster fried rice. to solve the problem, we just ask them to add more of their scallion/jalapeno/garlic mix when we order, and they always agree to the request. there's still less lobster roe than there used to be, but oh well. still the best around.

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    1. I felt as if the lobster was fresher at Tan Cang. We went some months ago, and while the lobster was large, it didn't taste as if it were a live lobster. Maybe they overcooked it, but it didn't have that briny, sweet taste that comes from a freshly fried lobster. Not sure if we'll be returning, as they are not cheap.

      1. For similar food at comparable (or lower) prices, I'd recommend Kim Tar Restaurant, in Monterey Park. It's a significantly lower key cantonese/teochew/vietnamese restaurant with comparable food and fresh seafood. And while they do have teochew style noodles (like kim ky) its not as good as noodle houses, stick with their seafood and family style dishes.

        From past experiences, service and environment cannot compare to tan cang, and they are very practical so the place isn't nice n shiny. I still go occasionally for family dinners.

        1. Seafood Village, or New Lucky City when they have lobster specials. Like to keep it in the "MPK".

          If you want extra garlic/extra spicy just tell them so.

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          1. I still really like it, after so many years. Maybe try the other location? Or the "fake" one?