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Apr 11, 2013 06:42 PM

kosher food in aruba

any advice

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  1. I stayed at the Hyatt there and brought frozen meals from Supersol. They were super accommodating about heating them up for us and serving them at a restaurant with paper goods, they did charge a fee for it though.

    1. The local grocery stores are stocked mostly with food from the US. It's all expensive, as it has to be shipped there, but there's plenty of stuff with hechshers, of the sort you'd see in any US supermarket that doesn't particularly cater to the kosher market.

        1. If you are staying at or near Palm Beach (on or near the hotel strip), there is a large supermarket within near walking distance located inside the Kong Fui Shopping Center. As an earlier poster said, a lot of US brands with familiar hechshers. If I recall correctly, I even found kiddush wine there. Didn't find it particularly expensive.

          1. Happy to report that Rabbi Aharon Blasberg and his family have moved into Aruba and are opening a Chabad House in the Palm Beach section of Aruba. We recently spent a Shabbat with the Blasbergs and I look forward to many great things from their slot in Aruba. He can be contacted from the Chabad.Org website.

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